Oman Tourism: Meet Haider, the young passionate paraglider

Lifestyle Tuesday 07/June/2016 17:45 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Tourism: Meet Haider, the young passionate paraglider

Why do you love paragliding?
I love paragliding because it’s exciting and challenging. You feel so free on top of the world. I have watched my father doing it and I decided that I would do it too.
How did you get into it?
I always dreamt of flying and the first step towards achieving this was to start paragliding. This sport has given me the opportunity of flying without fear. When we moved to Oman and my father started paragliding I would watch them conduct training and I wanted to have a go because it looked relatively easy. So I persuaded my father to let me do ground handling on a regular basis and I started enjoying this. I felt I could do paragliding even though I am only 12 years old because you have to be 18 to start paragliding. I finally persuaded my father to let me take my first solo flight, which I really enjoyed and felt so excited. From that day on I have been regularly flying with the team. By doing this I have the honour of being the youngest paraglider in Oman. I now know that flying is for me in whatever forms because my dream is also to become a pilot.
How can I get into paragliding?
You need the passion to fly. There is a club in Oman now, which offers paragliding training. It is open for male and female from above 18 years of age.
What’s your pro-tip?
First of all you need to be patient as paragliding requires you to undertake proper training and safety precautions to fly. The other important factor is that the more ground handling you do, the better pilot you will be. You need to learn how to control your glider. —

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