How to pick the right TV for your home?

Business Friday 01/October/2021 14:41 PM
How to pick the right TV for your home?

New Delhi: While buying a TV, it may be that the one thought that is predominant in many people's mind is to see what they want to see and have the best TV watching experience. Of course, the best is defined by different criteria from person to person.

Often people don't really know what constitutes the best that there can be found in TV. They only draw on their viewing experience. The colors and clarity and the size of the picture on the screen is the only criteria when they go to a showroom and have a look at all the TVs that are put on display there.

It is good that, at least, many of them are aware of the prestige that certain TV brands hold among consumers. What they don't understand is that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to choosing the best Smart TV for home . The key to have the best for you is to really know what your requirements are and which product serves them well.

For instance, suppose if you are not interested in watching the programs that the TV channels offer but rather in select content that you can find only on the Internet, then you need any TV that offers internet connectivity through Wi-Fi. There are many and many services like YouTube that offer highly personalized content for all types of viewers.

Another feature of interest to you is the Bluetooth connectivity which you may use to connect with a tower speaker to get the desired sound effect if you like to hear good music. HDMI and USB ports also serve your purpose. What you can fairly do without is VGA connectivity; because you may hardly ever try it if it is there.

Neither do the technologies like Blu Ray, gaming console, IPS, etc mean anything to you. The last remaining feature that may concern you is the size of the screen. If you want to see big, you can have it with one eye on the difference it makes in the price.

But, if you love watching movies and serials and care for best visual and sound effects, then only you need to concern yourself with features like LED, OLED, picture engine, processor, HDR, HDR10+, Dolby Vision HDR, Dolby, DTS, etc.

If you are interested in gaming, then you look out for refresh rate which should normally be above 60 fps. The more advanced and heavy is the game, the more frame rates you require to play it in a hassle-free manner.

And if you are a respecter of the term 'smart', then you go for a smart TV which, very like your computer systems, comes with an operating system such as Google, Android and Tizen. It also allows you to download and use several apps and games from the Net.

The biggest thing is that you can connect your smart TV with other smart devices in your house and also control them. This is made possible by IoT. Thanks to this technology, you can dispense with the remote control that comes with a package and control all functions of the TV through a dedicated app that you install on your smartphone. The thing is that a smart TV is a lot costlier than ordinary internet TV. But, considering the advantages it offers, the price is worth it.

Another important consideration is the space that is available for a TV. If you want to install it in your bedroom, then you generally don't want a large screen. Anything that offers up to 24" should suffice.

If you are to install it in a large room, then only you need a large screen. There are TVs available in Indian market that have the screen as large as 85" and having 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160) resolution. It takes your viewing experience to an altogether different level.

You get the same experience at home that you get from watching movies in theatres. What difference the TVs belonging to this category make you can easily know when you watch movies like The Godfather, The Terminator 2, The Matrix and House of Flying Daggers. If you watch these movies on an ordinary TV, their effect will be reduced almost by half.

Once you are sure about what exactly it is that you want from your TV, it is time to pay attention to the television brands. There are many out there. It may happen that you come across names now that you haven't ever heard before. What is important is that they, too, are good in their way. But if you want the best and can pay for it, then the obvious choice of brand would include Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Hisense, Mi, TCL, and OnePlus.

This brings us to the price. The good thing is that if you are constrained by your budget, there is something in the market that would fit your budget. The same is true if there is no such constraint.