Oman beauty: Try aromatic bath bombs from Lush in Muscat
April 19, 2017 | 4:14 PM
by Salim Al Afifi
Lush Cosmetics Bath Bombs

Though they do not make explosive noises, they do make a beautiful mess in the water. Settling in for a rewarding soak is always a great idea, and with Lush bath bombs, your senses will be blown up and away to another planet.

Bath bombs are totally in trend at the moment. These bombs do more than blowing up and getting all fizzy in the tub, they actually feed your skin with essential oils that leave your body feeling silky smooth and they produce soothing aromas too. It is undeniably the ultimate bathing experience.

What are bath bombs though? Well, these are hard ball-shaped mixture of ingredients that fizz up when it touches water. They are made with oils and a variety of natural ingredients, mixed with acid-based non-harmful chemicals and lathering agents that add a bit of fun to the healthy handmade soaks. Ingredients for these bombs vary, but one thing they have in common is a guaranteed fun experience.

I’ve been dying to try these creations ever since Lush opened its door at Muscat City Centre. At the store, they have a ton of scents and oils that will transform your bomb-bathing evening a whole lot of fun.

At Lush, they have variety, from fun and whimsical bombs, to more edgy ones. There’s a“big blue” that soften the skin, the floral scented “rose bombshell” that has rose petals, the vanilla scented “think pink”, the space-inspired “intergalactic” that will take you on a trip to outer space, and the rhapsodic “metamorphosis”.

Having a blast in your tub means adding excitement to a rather boring bathing session. It’s time to ditch the bars and dive into the colourful waters in your own bathroom. What else could one ask for. [email protected]

Lush Cosmetics

Muscat City Centre, Seeb

+968 2454 3364

Instagram: @lushmuscatcitycentre

Open from 10am-10pm Sat - Wed; Thurs & Fri 10am till 12 midnight

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