DIY project ideas to breathe new life into your home

Lifestyle Tuesday 28/September/2021 21:15 PM
By: Brandpoint Content
DIY project ideas to breathe new life into your home

Virtual birthday parties. Online family game nights. Digital dinners with friends. You've done your part to stay connected yet socially distanced, however, as things get normal again, you're preparing to host friends and family in your home.

"The problem is after working, studying and playing at home, many people's houses are looking a bit drab," says Jennifer Meska, director of merchandising and design at LL Flooring. "If you want to refresh spaces for future entertaining, start with the floor and work your way up to add fashion and function to your home."

Meska shares some top DIY projects that can be completed in as little as a weekend so you're ready to welcome back guests:

1) Update flooring

When you think about visual real estate in a home, the flooring is the foundation of the aesthetic. Consider updating flooring with modern options that add style, but are also durable enough to handle guests and everyday demands.

2) Rethink furniture

Once the floor is updated, think about how you use your furniture and how it might best serve you when entertaining. Consider rearranging furniture to breathe fresh life into a space and encourage guests to mingle comfortably. Prioritize grouping furniture to facilitate conversation and interaction while keeping common traffic areas open for ease of movement.

In addition to rearranging furniture, now is the time to address functionality of pieces and swap in multiuse options when appropriate. For example, an ottoman is great for kicking up your feet or as additional seating for guests, especially young children. Select an ottoman designed with a top that opens, providing storage space for blankets, toys or other clutter. You can even add a serving tray to the top when closed and you have a coffee table or small buffet space for snacks.

3) Create a statement wall

Once you decide on an arrangement of furniture, try transforming a focal wall to give the space an elevated interior design. One easy way to do this is to paint one wall different than the others in an accent color, like a blue or yellow. DIY-friendly peel-and-stick wallpaper is growing in popularity and is another fun option if you want to add a pattern on an accent wall.

Another way to create a noteworthy accent wall is to design a gallery wall with a collection of treasured items hung in a group. Framed photography is common for creating gallery walls and serves as a wonderful conversation starter when guests arrive. In addition to photographs, you can add other framed items such as typography, children's artwork, travel keepsakes, mirrors and more.

"Now is the ideal time to prepare for the revival of entertaining at home," says Meska. "Start with the floor, think beyond the conventional and make updates that you'll enjoy whether you're hosting guests or spending time at home with family."