Surge in demand for COVID-19 vaccination cards in Oman

Oman Tuesday 28/September/2021 20:14 PM
By: Times News Service
Surge in demand for COVID-19 vaccination cards in Oman

Muscat: Print shops in Oman are making brisk business in printing COVID-19 vaccination cards, which are a very convenient way to show proof of vaccination.

The cards provide an alternative to people using the Tarassud app on their phones, or printed vaccine certificates that are often used to show proof of vaccination prior to entering malls, shops, restaurants, offices and other areas.

“We began offering vaccination card services at the end of August or early September, and we have seen good demand since then,” said a member of staff at a photo studio in Ruwi. “Each day, we print between 40 and 50 cards, and demand does not seem to be stopping any time soon.”

“It is very convenient for people to walk into our shop and request a vaccination card, because so many people work nearby,” added another printer in Hamriya. “All they need to do is pop in for 10 minutes, share with us their details, and come back when the card is ready.”

People who wish to order a vaccination card need to provide their inoculation details, as listed on their Tarassud app. A photo is optional, but needs to be provided separately.

The front of the vaccination card contains the person’s resident card and passport details, as well as their name and nationality, alongside their photo. On the reverse side are the vaccination details and a QR code, which when scanned shows the online version of the vaccine recipient’s certificate.

Most shops offer two kinds of vaccination cards: the first, is a laminated paper version that is cheaper and readied in a few minutes. The second, a plastic card, requires longer to fabricate, and is a bit more expensive.

“We can only print a few dozen cards a day, so we have developed a policy where those who order plastic cards have to come back in two days’ time to pick them up,” explained a shop owner in Qurum. “So far, that does not seem to have deterred people.”

“We also get people providing their details to us over email or WhatsApp, and then ordering the cards over the phone, so that they are saved the time of an additional journey and can pick up the card when it is ready,” he added. “The card fits easily into your wallet and is a very convenient way to show proof of vaccination.”

“There are some who do not wish to, or cannot always keep their mobile phone data on, which means they cannot always access the Tarassud app,” he said. “Others do not like to take out their phone every now and then in public places, or may not know how to properly use the app.

“People sometimes also forget printed copies of their vaccination certificate at home, but you would not need to leave your card lying around, as it easily fits into a wallet or purse,” he went on to add. “This is a really convenient way to carry your proof of vaccination wherever you go.”