Shura Council Office meeting discusses Omanisation, subsidies among other topics

Oman Tuesday 28/September/2021 15:48 PM
By: Times News Service
Shura Council Office meeting discusses Omanisation, subsidies among other topics

Muscat: The Shura Council office discussed the expressed desire about Omanisation rates in the economic diversification sectors in accordance with the guidelines of the tenth five year plan and the future vision of Oman 2040, and reviews a number of ministerial responses.

“The fourteenth regular meeting of the Council’s office for the second annual session (2020/2021) of the ninth period (2019-2023), was held under the chairmanship of His Excellency Sheikh Khalid bin Hilal Al Maawali, Chairman of the Council and in the presence of Their Excellencies members of the Council’s office,” Shura Council said in a statement.

The meeting also reviewed the report of the Services and Social Development Committee on the proposed policies to enhance family cohesion and reduce divorce rates in the Omani society. The report included that the committee took a number of steps to study and discuss the issue;  by hosting some competent authorities to listen to their technical opinion on the subject, its causes and repercussions, after discussion, the office decided to refer it to the government.

The meeting also discussed the letter submitted by the Economic and Financial Committee related to the expressed desire regarding eligibility conditions for electricity and water subsidies in the national subsidy system, and the expressed desire to include the category of agricultural activities within the categories of electricity and water subsidies.

On the other hand, the Council’s office was briefed on the response of His Excellency the Minister of Finance to the request for briefing submitted to him regarding renting buildings for government agencies and companies. The Ministry will also develop a plan to construct buildings for the tenants, taking into consideration the financial costs involved.

In its meeting, the Council’s office approved the question addressed to His Excellency the Minister of Transport, Communications and Information Technology regarding the responsibility of the Sultanate’s ports to prevent pollution from ships, and included inquiries about the extent of the ports’ responsibility and commitment in implementing what was stated in the MARPOL Convention.

The Council’s office also authorised the question addressed to His Excellency the Minister of Labour regarding the circular related to the minimum salary and not linking it to the academic qualification, as it included inquiries about the Ministry’s evaluation of the decision’s results and its positive and negative repercussions, and the extent to which the decision reflects on companies laying off workers whose wages were higher than the established minimum.

During the meeting, the request for briefing submitted to His Excellency the Minister of Energy and Minerals about the Omanisation rates in companies contracting with government oil and gas companies, which included briefing on Omanisation data in companies and sub-contractors contracting with oil and gas companies affiliated with the government of the Sultanate, was also considered.