Alizz Islamic Bank brings joy to 3 winners in the Bushra Prize Savings Account monthly draw

Roundup Sunday 26/September/2021 16:05 PM
By: Times News Service
Alizz Islamic Bank brings joy to 3 winners in the Bushra Prize Savings Account monthly draw

Muscat: Three lucky winners of Alizz Islamic Bank won a total of 25,000 OMR each in the monthly draw of the popular Bushra Prize Savings Account. The draw was held at the bank’s Maa’bela Branch. The Bank has given away OMR 91,000 as prize money, including the monthly prize of OMR 75,000 split among three winners, with OMR 25,000 each. The rest of the prize money – OMR 16,000 - was distributed equally among 32 winners (16 men and 16 women); with one winner from every branch of Alizz Islamic Bankthroughout the Sultanate.

The Bushra Prize Savings Account has proven to be a bestseller, as it continues to bring hope  and happiness to a host of customers, many of who have won in the Bank’s regular draws, which have changed their fortunes and relieved their stress. But what makes these wins all the more attractive is the fact that the draws are not dictated by the amounts saved, and this has translated into good tidings for several account holders, some of who have been able to build their dream home, while others have realized set goals.

As was announced by Alizz Islamic Bank earlier in the year, the prize money, incorporated within Bushra Prize Savings Account - with its daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual prizes - has been increased from OMR 1.8 million in 2020 to OMR 2 million this year. In addition, the annual grand prize will amount to OMR 150,000, and OMR 100,000 was designated as the half-yearly prize. Besides, three winners will be picked in the quarterly draws, with each winner getting a whopping OMR 50,000. These prizes and measures are in tune with the Bank’s plans to implement different initiatives that cater to customers, more so during the pandemic, with provision of a bouquet of prizes. Interestingly, customers can double their chances of winning by doubling their balance.

Alongside the prize scheme, customers of the popular Bushra Prize Savings Account also benefit from the services that are pegged on to the opening of the account at the Bank, including instant debit card, online and mobile banking, and SMS alerts for any transaction. As for the Bushra Account, it is based on the principle of Mudaraba, wherein the funds are placed in an investment pool in a manner that is in accordance with the provisions and principles of Islamic Shari’a. This, in turn, helps customers to achieve best possible returns; besides, customers can avail opportunities to win cash prizes as gifts from the shareholders’ funds in the daily, weekly, monthly draws, including the quarterly, annual grand prizes and special prizes. To enter the draw, a Bushra account must be opened with a minimum balance of OMR 100 only.