India: Courtroom shooting leaves 3 dead during murder trial

World Friday 24/September/2021 19:54 PM
By: DW
India: Courtroom shooting leaves 3 dead during murder trial
A notorious Indian gangster was shot multiple times before the police fired back at the assailants.

New Delhi: Two gunmen disguised as lawyers burst into a courtroom in the Indian capital Delhi on Friday and killed an alleged murderer and extortionist.

The shooting took place as Jitendra Gogi, a notorious crime suspect, made his way to the courtroom in North West Dehli.

The assailants were immediately shot dead by local police accompanying Gogi.

New Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana said the attackers were believed to be from a rival gang.

It was not immediately clear how the men, who were wearing black lawyers' coats, had managed to bring in weapons.

The assailants were waiting for Gogi to arrive, according to lawyer Satyanarayan Sharma, who was present at the court at the time of the shootout as part of a different case.

Last year, Delhi police said that Gogi was involved in a bitter battle with a gang leader known as Tillu. The rival gangs were fighting for control of regions in northern India.

Few people were present in courtroom

Witnesses told media said that about a dozen shots were fired inside the court, while mobile phone videos of the shooting showed lawyers and litigants running for cover in the corridor outside the court as gunshots rang out.

With most proceedings held virtually because of COVID-19 restrictions, few people were present in the courtroom, Sharma said.

The lawyer demanded a thorough investigation into the shooting and blamed a security lapse.

Gogi, 30, was allegedly involved in a violent string of murders, robberies, carjacking cases, as well as extortions around New Delhi.