3 best hairstyle trends for short hair
April 16, 2017 | 2:47 PM
by Salim Al Afifi
Hairstyle photo

Did you see Kristen Stewart’s new hairstyle? Or let’s say no-hairstyle. The young actress revived a trend that’s been missing in red carpets and fashion scenes for a long time as she pulled a buzzcut hairdo during her latest movie premiere causing the internet to break. The big question is, is short hair for the ladies in trend this year? You bet, from simple bob dos to more daring pixie cuts, the short hair syndrome has officially kicked in for the season, and it’s bolder than ever. Let’s take a look at three promising trends you should be sporting this season.

Wear a Sleek Bob

Bobs are usually boring, but not this one. This organised looking hairstyle is totally in trend, from Jennifer Lawrence to Kylie Jenner, they’re all rocking it. It gives glamorous vibes and immense personality to those wearing it. Go Jennifer-style by covering one ear, and exposing the other. You’ll need a flat iron, a smoothing cream, a serum, and a final touch of hairspray to keep things together. You know how humid it can get in this part of the world.

Get Short ‘N Low

Ponytails never run out of style, except this year it is getting shorter and lower, but the essence is still there. This look is very casual, if you are the life of the party, or enjoy killer street style fashion, then this is the ‘do’ for you. Styling it is simple; you’ll need a serum and a smoothing cream of your choice. Blow dry or iron flat the hair towards the back. Apply serum for a shining look, and then tuck your hair smoothly around ears. Use rubber band to stick your short pony downwards, make sure its super low. Lastly, use a bit of hairspray.

Go Buzzcut

You do not need to get buzzed; all you need is a clipper and some bravado. This trend is hitting 2017 hard, and ever since the Twilight megastar unveiled it earlier this year, it’s been atop must-try hairstyles for the season. For this one, you need to forget about all your shampoos, conditioners, and serums, and just focus on one thing, sunscreen or sun protection spray, as you want to keep that head looking healthy. Put some edge to it and dye it platinum blonde. [email protected]

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