We Love Oman: Natural beauty and heritage of Yanqul

Oman Saturday 18/September/2021 21:46 PM
By: Times News Service
We Love Oman: Natural beauty and heritage of Yanqul

Known for its natural beauty and heritage the wilayat of Yanqul is located in the eastern part of Al Dhahirah Governorate. Yanqul Fort is well-known among tourists and it is surrounded by orchards on all sides.  The towers and houses of the fort or Bait Al Marah reflect chapters of history and civilisation. Al Bait Al Oud, Al Bait Al Sharqi, Bait Al Marah and Bait Al Basrah are essential facilities of the fort that have inspired many life stories.

The fort consists of several facilities and buildings. Among them is the morning gate, which is the only entrance to the fort. It is the reception gate, where guests enter the fort. The fort also consists of several towers located at the front and which were used for the forward defence of the fort at the time. The fort consists of five houses.

The area of the fort is about 2,500 square metres and it is surrounded by a defensive fence, made up of rifle platforms that are a part of the fort. Al Waqbah town in the Wilayat of Yanqul is famous for its farms, green orchards and crops, which are rich in fruits, citrus and other crops. The town is located about 40 kilometres away from the wilayat’s centre and is a unique tourist destination.

One of the most important agricultural crops planted in the town is grapes of different varieties that are spread across farms and homes. Villagers are keen on growing grapes from the beginning of the season. As soon as summer begins, farmers begin harvesting grapes, citrus and other fruits.
The construction work of Wadi Al Arashi dam located in the Wilayat of Yanqul is near completion. The dam would reduce water scarcity in the region due to the divergence of rainfall, causing water shortage.