Refresh the look of your kitchen or bathroom

T-Mag Wednesday 15/September/2021 20:04 PM
By: Brandpoint Content
Refresh the look of your kitchen or bathroom

While you've likely been spending more time at home, you've probably noticed areas that need a refresh. High-visibility rooms like your kitchen and bath are top candidates, but whole room renovations are expensive and inconvenient. Instead of a complete overhaul, consider minor renovation projects, like adding fresh new tile accents to brighten and elevate these spaces.

One satisfying project is installing a tile or stone backsplash. By keeping your design simple, you can do the work yourself, even if you're new to DIY.

Choosing the right tile

In addition to the fun aspect of choosing tile and grout colours, it’s important to choose tile that's appropriate for how the room is used. For example, a bathroom is likely to be a much more moist environment than a kitchen, making water-resistant porcelain tile a popular choice. Selecting stain-resistant tile and grout is crucial for a kitchen backsplash, which may see more messes. You'll also want installation materials that are appropriate for the tile size and weight that you choose.

Selecting installation products

Formulated for the DIYer but often used by pros, the simple line of products  provides an easy, ready-to-use alternative to traditional cement based products that allows you to tackle small products — with no mess and zero waste. This makes tile setting possible for even your first home improvement project.

Creating your backsplash

Before beginning any work, make sure all surfaces are clean, dry, stable, and meet the requirements of your installation products. Carefully read and follow all product directions and limitations for a successful project.