Violator of Consumer Protection Law gets three months imprisonment

Oman Wednesday 15/September/2021 09:25 AM
By: Times News Service
Violator of Consumer Protection Law gets three months imprisonment
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Muscat: A violator of the Consumer Protection Law in Salalah, Dhofar Governorate, was sentenced to three months of imprisonment and was slapped with a fine of OMR 3,000, Consumer Protection Authority (CPA) said.

"The Court of First Instance in Salalah recently issued a judicial ruling against a violator of the Consumer Protection Law, which included conviction, imprisonment and a fine of OMR 3,000," CPA said in a statement.

The Salalah Consumer Protection Department received a complaint from a consumer who reported that he had purchased a vehicle from a car agency, but shortly after receiving the vehicle, he noticed air entering the vehicle, a sound coming from the doors in addition to a malfunction in the passenger seat, and water entering from the roof of the vehicle.

Therefore, the consumer went to the agency, where they checked the vehicle and changed some parts, but the problem continued, which prompted him to submit his complaint to the administration, demanding to return the vehicle and return the amount or replace the vehicle with a new one of the same model and specifications.

Accordingly, the authority took the necessary measures. The complaint was examined and since both the parties failed to reach an agreement, the case file was referred to the Public Prosecution, which referred it to the court that convicted the accused of a misdemeanor of non-compliance with the return of the commodity or its value or exchange for free and he was punished for it with imprisonment for three months, and a fine of OMR 3,000.

Consumer Protection calls on all merchants and suppliers to abide by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law and its executive regulations, to abide by transparency and credibility, and to provide proper service when dealing with consumers.