Couple dies, 2 kids injured after car veers off slope in Wadi Hibi

Oman Saturday 11/September/2021 17:38 PM
By: Times News Service
Couple dies, 2 kids injured after car veers off slope in Wadi Hibi
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Muscat: A traffic accident claimed lives of a couple and resulted in serious injuries to their two children in the Wilayat of Sohar, North Al Batinah Governorate.

40-year-old Abu Abdullah and his 39-year-old wife were travelling to the coast of Sohar with their two children on September 4 when the accident took place. The family was on Wadi Hibi road after their usual visit to their father's house when the vehicle slipped from the mountain and fell to the foot. The couple was killed very shortly and their child Abdullah, aged 9 years, suffered bruises and blows to the head, jaws and one thigh. Their daughter Rawan, aged 3 years, suffered bruises and blows to the head leading to internal bleeding. She was transferred to Sohar Hospital for treatment.

Ali Al Maktoumi, Abu Abdullah's brother spoke exclusively with Times of Oman and said: “As usual, my brother had come from Sohar, his residence on the coast, to visit my father in Wadi Hibi. They usually came to visit him on Thursday. On Saturday afternoon, my brother returned with his wife and two children Abdullah and Rawan. The car veered off a slope of the mountain and fell to the bottom and claimed his life along with his wife.”

 Ali Al-Maktoumi confirmed: "The child Abdullah underwent surgery in his thigh and is now in a stable condition and will be discharged in a day or two. Rawan's condition was also serious due to internal bleeding in the head, but according to the CT scan, conducted yesterday, the bleeding appears to have disappeared, and her condition is stable.”

Al Maktoumi appealed to everyone not to circulate rumors about the accident, especially the two children, or to circulate photos and videos, taking into account the feelings of the family, which is in a state of grief.