IBM unveils new generation of IBM power servers for frictionless, scalable hybrid cloud

Business Thursday 09/September/2021 13:20 PM
IBM unveils new generation of IBM power servers for frictionless, scalable hybrid cloud

Bengaluru: IBM on Thursday announced the new IBM Power E1080 server, the first in a new family of servers based on the new IBM Power10 processor, designed specifically for hybrid cloud environments.

The IBM Power10-equipped E1080 server is engineered to be one of the most secured server platforms and is designed to help clients operate a secured, frictionless hybrid cloud experience across their entire IT infrastructure. The IBM Power E1080 server is launching at a critical time for IT. As organisations around the world continue to adapt to unpredictable changes in consumer behaviours and needs, they need a platform that can deliver their applications and insights securely where and when they need them.

The IBM Institute of Business Value's 2021 CEO Study found that, of the 3,000 CEOs surveyed, 56 per cent emphasized the need to enhance operational agility and flexibility when asked what they'll most aggressively pursue over the next two to three years.

Many see the answer to this need in a hybrid cloud computing model, which combines on-premises resources with cloud-based infrastructure and can offer up to 2.5x greater value than a public cloud-only approach. However, not all hybrid cloud models are designed equally.

"When we were designing the E1080, we had to be cognizant of how the pandemic was changing not only consumer behaviour but also our customer's behaviour and needs from their IT infrastructure," said Dylan Boday, VP of Product Management for AI and Hybrid Cloud. "The E1080 is IBM's first system designed from the silicon up for hybrid cloud environments, a system tailor-built to serve as the foundation for our vision of a dynamic and secure, frictionless hybrid cloud experience."

"The more than expected duration of the pandemic has created heightened urgency in execution for businesses across industries. Organisations need to move with speed, agility, and the flexibility to react to changes in their customers' needs in real-time while driving innovation and staying ahead of the competition. To achieve such agility, there will be an increasing mix of workloads on-premise and off-premise. While the latter is predominantly cloud-native, the former is getting transformed at a fast pace."

"The newly launched IBM Power E1080 server is designed to be the backbone of a hybrid cloud platform that can provide maximum inter-operability and control to the clients. It will help for seamless deployment of workloads across the hybrid platform as well as faster development of new cloud-native applications, helping enterprises in India to scale their operation and deliver enhanced services to their customers."

"We see opportunity from BFSI, Telecom, Manufacturing, Retail, and Healthcare sectors for the IBM Power10 servers in India and our ecosystem partners will be an integral part of our go-to-market strategy. As part of our go-to-market strategy for Power10 server, we will also be reaching out to Independent Software Vendors who work with clients in a garage format to implement their solution through IBM servers," says Ravi Jain, Director - Server Sales, IBM India/South Asia.