The Ultimate Photo Printer: Canon SELPHY CP910

Hockey Monday 18/January/2016 12:11 PM
By: Times News Service
The Ultimate Photo Printer: Canon SELPHY CP910

How do your memories live? On your monitor, or as an actual photo that you could cherish whenever where ever you want? I bet if you are a real memory collector, the latter would be your answer. Just as real music still means a CD for the real music lover, and words really dance only in an actual book (not those e-books and Kindle) for an avid reader, memories are best preserved and enjoyed in actual photos by the real image lover – on the wall, or in the album.
To the delight of photo buffs, Canon has come up with a bitty photo printer in its Selphy series, which is smaller than your average tissue paper box. Not just that it connects wirelessly to devices, and prints instant photos with breath taking results.
An ultra-compact photo printer with Wi-Fi and AirPrint support, the Canon SELPHY CP910 lets you print post-card size images direct from your smartphone (iPhone, Android or Windows) or laptop. The highly portable printer can also connect to computers via USB cable or Wi-Fi, and can print directly from memory cards, USB memory keys, and cameras that support PictBridge.
Operating the SELPHY is quite simple. Simply drop down the side panel and slot in the cartridge. Then fill up the supplied plastic paper cassette with the required media, lower the front panel and click it into place.
The printer connects to devices through the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint app (available on all app stores). The 2.7 inch TFT LCD display projects all the relevant information, and the setup is real quick and easy. The control buttons and menus are extremely user-friendly and the LCD can be tilted to 45 degrees for better viewing.
Print times on the CP910 are what some might say a bit slow; taking 47 seconds for a postcard size photo and just under 30 seconds for credit card images and mini stickers. It is mainly because the printer uses dye sublimation, better suited for photo printing, instead of the common ink droplets or toner grains. A ribbon impregnated with solid dye is heated, turning the dye to a gas, which solidifies again on the cool paper passing underneath.
In three passes the printer lays down yellow, magenta and cyan to build up a finished image. A fourth pass adds a clear protective coating, making the images waterproof, and long lasting with a life of up to 100 years. The quality of images is very impressive. Completely free of grain, the images have sharp definition and true colours throughout. The onboard editing options also allow you to achieve smooth skin, red-eye correction, and even opt for sepia or monochrome prints. There is also a dedicated option to create ID photos of varying sizes. The images can be printed in glossy or semi-gloss finish as well. Weighing less than a kilo, the CP910 is extremely lightweight too, and can easily be slipped into a rucksack or overnight bag. Only if it could have been portable as well – there is no in-built battery.
Though you do have an option of portable external battery (providing 36 – 4X6 prints per charge), but it costs almost the same as the printer itself. Just click and print; the Selphy CP910 is a quick way to print quality images at home. Fits the bag, fits the bill.
Tech Specs
Canon SELPHY CP910 Ultra-compact photo printer
Maximum resolution: 300 x 300dpi
Supported Print Size: Postcard: 148 x 100 mm, Credit Card: 86 x 54 mm, Credit Card Stickers: 86 x 54 mm Square Stickers: 50 x 50 mm, Mini Stickers: 22.0 x 17.3 mm
Print speed: 47 seconds per postcard print
Maximum input capacity: 18 sheets
Interface: USB 2.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
Dimensions: 178 x 127 x 60.5mm
Weight: 810g excluding ink cartridge & paper cassette
Colours available: Glossy Black, Glossy White
Price: RO 55 (without paper and cartridge). RO 13 extra for a pack of 108 printing sheets and 3 cartridges.
Available at all leading electronic stores