This weekend buy the best back-to school gears

T-Mag Wednesday 08/September/2021 18:55 PM
By: Statepoint
This weekend buy the best back-to school gears

As children all over the country are gradually heading back to their classrooms, parents are checking off their to-do lists to make sure everyone is ready to head back to school. From mathematics to music to new languages, skill development and knowledge acquisition are easiest with the right tools. Set your child up for a successful year with the best back-to-school gears. These tools can help students take both their skills, as well as their comprehension of subjects, to new heights. In addition to school supplies, new shoes are almost always at the top of the list to accommodate growing feet – whether attending class in-person, or virtually.

• Reinforcements: Flash cards, a tried-and-true technique for reinforcing classroom lessons, have gone digital. Check out Quizlet, a site that features flashcards, games, diagrams and study guides on a range of subjects, including foreign languages, science subjects and even practical computer skills like Photoshop, Excel and PowerPoint. With content accessible online or on the mobile app, students can quickly and conveniently cram for their exams on-the-go.

Practice makes perfect: Whether your child is learning to play piano for the first time or mastering their skills, the right keyboard can make all the difference. To that end, consider outfitting your student with a stage piano that delivers a natural grand piano sound and feel in a slim case that’s barely larger than the keys themselves, making it a great choice for those who practice in a bedroom or dorm room.

Organisation: Organisation is not exactly an academic skill, but mastering this life skill has the potential to improve grades and make the learning process easier. Seek out tools that help students keep both their hard copy paperwork and digital files organised, as well as teach good habits. Mountable wall files can help reduce desk clutter and provide a sorting system, whereas new digital tools like Evernote can streamline both note-taking and review.

Higher-order thinking: By conveying the appeal of mathematics in a way that does not just rehash textbook exercises or ask students to memorise formulas, students will be motivated to explore the depths of this fascinating subject. You can foster this type of higher-order thinking by powering your child’s learning with a high-quality calculator designed for their coursework. Handling the tedious calculations, students will have the bandwidth to discover different possibilities for arriving at answers, while focusing on the concepts behind the calculations. The scientific calculators can handle hundreds of math functions and their graphing calculators feature a natural textbook display to help students more easily visualise mathematical concepts.

• Gaming and sports: While video games may seem like a school-year distraction, they can actually provide specific benefits to budding athletes, so don’t shy away from them completely. Research has shown that gaming in general can improve hand-eye coordination, and it’s also shown that games designed to mimic actual sports play can help build real-world skills.

Shoes to try: It’s all about comfort these days, and athleisure wear continues to remain a staple for students of all ages. Athletic shoes typically reserved for a P.E. classes are popular this season and can be paired with almost any casual-inspired outfit.