More jobs for nationals in Oman's private healthcare sector

Oman Tuesday 07/September/2021 07:00 AM
By: Times News Service

Muscat: More employment opportunities are being offered to Omanis in the private health sector, to stimulate the demand for national manpower, leading to the creation of new and innovative jobs that support the Omani labour market.

The move comes under the Ministry of Labour’s new campaign titled ‘Badir’ (Arabic for ‘take action’), which also aims to help Oman keep pace with global developments in the field of future jobs. New patterns of work to make the labour market more dynamic are also being planned through initiatives that activate part-time work, independent, and remote work.

The launch of ‘Badir’ was held under the patronage of Hilal bin Hamad Al Sarmi, chairman of the Health and Environmental Committee of the Shura Council, and representative of the Wilayat of Seeb, at the Ministry of Labour and in the presence of the undersecretaries and a number of officials in the ministry.

Under this effort, private health institutions have taken the initiative to provide 228 job opportunities, including 185 job opportunities for nurses and 43 job opportunities for dentists in 2021 under the first phase of initiatives.

The campaign’s launch reflects one of the most important axes on which Oman Vision 2040 is based: the concept of partnership between the public and private sectors and government’s complete confidence in the private sector’s ability to provide quality job opportunities for qualified Omani youth with participation of civil society institutions.

The campaign aims to employ people with disabilities and children of social security families, raise the level of skills and capabilities of job seekers in line with the situation of the labour market. It also aims to train and qualify the national workforce, and enhance the entry of qualified professionals into the labour market.

Nasr bin Amer Al Hosani, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labour, stated at the launch of the “Badir” campaign: “This initiative stems from the rational government’s interest in the partnership between the public and private sectors, as it is one of the most important axes on which Oman’s Vision 2040 is based, where the private sector plays a major role in achieving economic and social development in most countries of the developed and developing world alike.”

He added that the partnership of sectors is always the best and most effective way to provide the largest number of jobs for job seekers, and the presence of the Shura Council in such initiatives enhances the role of society and partners who must be contributors to such national work.

Said bin Mohammed Al Harthy, chairman of the social investment programmes at Oman LNG, said, “This initiative constitutes the success of the partnership between the private and public sectors in finding innovative and sustainable solutions to provide job opportunities for citizens. The initiative comes under the company’s in-country value programme, within the strategy of permanent partnership with government and private sectors to support the national economy and find solutions to existing challenges.”

Dr. Abdulrahman bin Salem Al Azri, a dental consultant and president of the Dental Association of the Oman Medical Association, gave a visual presentation on the details of the jobs covered by the Dental Career Opportunities Initiative.

Zuhair bin Taqi Al Abdawani, member of the Board of Directors of the Gulf Specialist Hospital, gave a visual presentation on the nursing initiative.

These private health institutions committed to appointing job seekers after completing the requirements to obtain a health license from the Ministry of Health, by training them for three months in government hospitals under the supervision of the ministry, with a financial grant provided by the Ministry of Labour, and contributions from Oman LNG.

Al Hosani added, “The growing interest and support for the private sector is evident in its role as a major factor in development, but more so as the main engine of economic growth, based on the spirit of initiative, risk tolerance, and an orientation toward creativity and innovation in a way that ensures its ability to compete and positively influence the economic growth process. This is in addition to the creation of new and sustainable job opportunities for the people of the country.”

“The implementation of the private health sector initiative to provide job opportunities contributes to the achievement of a set of strategic goals represented in encouraging private sector establishments to provide qualitative job initiatives for the national workforce,” he emphasised.