We Love Oman: Go hiking in Wakan Village

Oman Sunday 05/September/2021 21:43 PM
By: Times News Service
We Love Oman: Go hiking in Wakan Village

Wakan village, located in the wilayat Nakhl of South Al Batinah governorate, is a popular tourist destination in Oman. The village sits at 2,000 metres above sea level in Wadi Mastal in Wilayt Nakhal and the road leading to the village passes through a number of valleys where the villages can only be reached by a four-wheel-drive vehicle.

This region enjoys moderate temperatures in summer and low temperatures in winter. Visitors will observe many agricultural terraces supporting fruit trees, including grapes, pomegranates and apricots, as well as some legumes. According to Oman's Ministry of Tourism, " A trail has been built stretching for 1,100 metres, comprising 700 steps rising to the top of the mountain, surrounded by a protective fence and containing service areas as well as observation towers that look like castles and umbrellas. You’ll also find sitting areas and a rest shelter overlooking the village and its terraces."

The descending Falaj passes from the top of the village towards the agricultural terraces where natural materials were used in building the trail. The temperature is moderate during summer and dips during winter. Overlooking the wadi Mistal, the village has the most magnificent view.
Apart from apricots and peaches, other fruits like grapes, pomegranates and cherries are also grown here.
Wakan village is also one of the best areas for hiking. The walkway leading to the highest peak in the village is helpful in this. The entire area is very promising for various types of sports tourism such as climbing and organising mountain competitions.