We Love Oman: On a frankincense trail

Oman Wednesday 25/August/2021 21:50 PM
By: Times News Service
We Love Oman: On a frankincense trail

The frankincense route contains a number of sites where the process of manufacturing and exporting of frankincense took place.  According to Oman’s Ministry of Tourism, “Some of the frankincense trails incorporated in the World Heritage List are:

 Frankincense Museum

The Land of Frankincense Museum is considered one of the most prominent historical museums in Oman. The Frankincense Land Museum is situated on the coastal strip of Salalah, about 5 km from the city centre. The museum is a comprehensive view of the Sultanate, its various governorates, it’s time periods and an opportunity to learn about its historic and maritime heritage.

The Frankincense Land Museum provides visitors and researchers with a summary on the country’s march and an opportunity to familiarise with its long historic and maritime heritage, as well as examples of archeological evidence through the ages to the present time through two halls; the History Hall, which is a window on many cultural and archaeological sites that contains six sections, namely the Geography of Oman, Oman in Ancient Times, the Land of Frankincense, Islamisation of the People of Oman, Chapters of Omani History, and the Renaissance of Oman..

Al Baleed City

The history of Al Baleed dates back to 2000 BC when it had its main settlement at the eastern outskirts of Salalah. It was already mentioned by Ibn Battuta in the 13th century that the city of Al Baleed, situated in the immediate vicinity to the Indian Ocean was one of the important Omani harbours, which traded not only the Arabian gold, the frankincense, but also horses and other goods to Indian harbours.

Khawr Al Baleed
This lagoon takes its name from the ancient city which lies on the banks of this lagoon. The lagoon flanks the city on the east and north.

Khawr Ruri
Khawr Ruri is the largest reserve in the Governorate of Dhofar. It is considered the most attractive to tourists.

The ruins of Awbar lie in Dhofar Governorate. This city remained lost for centuries and was considered one of the mysterious archaeological secrets read more..

Wadi Dukah
Wadi Dukah lies in Najd region on the northern slopes of Dhofar Governorate, located approximately 25 kilometres north of the city of Salalah. Wadi Dukah is a valley where the frankincense trees grow.