Ibra man saves two girls stuck in car after accident on Muscat road

Oman Wednesday 25/August/2021 21:00 PM
By: Times News Service
Ibra man saves two girls stuck in car after accident on Muscat road
"I did what my religion and conscience dictated, and I do not consider myself brave as others say," said Hamad bin Hassan Al Amri.

Muscat: Hamad bin Hassan Al Amri, a 28-year-old, from the Wilayat of Ibra in the Governorate of North Al Sharqiyah, has saved two girls in a traffic accident.

He spoke exclusively to the Times of Oman, about the details of the traffic accident that occurred last Saturday in Muscat Governorate, “I was heading in my vehicle with my brother to the Wilayat of Musannah in South Al Batinah Governorate, as my wife’s family lives there. While I was passing through Muscat governorate in the Wilayat of Seeb, specifically in Al Maabilah near the Industrial Area, at 1:20 pm, a very gruesome traffic accident occurred in front of me. Marble stones fell on the street from a truck which led to it colliding with one of the cars, and it was completely damaged.”

“Without any thought, as I watched the accident in front of my eyes, I slowed down and got out of the vehicle while it was still moving in the middle of the street and called my brother to grab the steering wheel and park it on the side of the road. I ran quickly to the scene, trying to save those in the car,” he continued.

Hamad Al Amri said, “When I saw the car, I knew for sure that it was impossible for anyone to have survived, as the vehicle had completely crashed. I approached the car and called out to those inside so that I might hear someone’s voice, and a very faint voice called for help from the side of the seat next to the driver. I called out to those around me that there was a voice coming from inside,” he added.

Hamad approached the vehicle closer and saw a girl with blood dripping from her head. Hamad says, “I thanked God first that someone is still alive. I looked away from the girl, as there was no covering on her hair. I broke the window and took off the Masar from my head and covered her head with it. There was another girl next to her, who was driving the car, and blood dripping from her head as well, so I called her and she answered. I thought, Praise be to God they are still alive. I took off the Masar from my brother’s head and covered the head of the other girl. I looked around to help me get them out and I saw everyone was taking pictures and videos with their mobile phones. I roared loudly asking them to stop filming and reach out to help, someone is still alive, they are two girls, stop using phones.”

Hamad recalled, “There were about 20 people around the accident who were content with just filming on their mobile phones without anyone batting an eyelid to help. I got angry. There was one of them who owned a big car, so I asked him to pull the door to the driver’s escort with a rope, and he responded to this, so we pulled the door so hard that it came out of its place.”

Hamad took the girl out and carried her in his arms and handed her to someone to take her to the hospital. Hamad rushed to the other side to help the girl who was driving. He also pulled the door and whatever prevented them from reaching the other girl. Hamad says, “We took off the door, but the girl’s foot was stuck and by that time the Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority vehicles reached the spot. They cut the iron and move out her leg, and she was transferred directly to the ambulance.”

Hamad confirmed, “I am very happy to have saved the two girls, and they are now, praise be to God, in good health. I thank God first who enabled me to be a reason for this. I did what my religion and conscience dictated, and I do not consider myself brave as others say. It is my duty to save those who need help.”

The husband of one of the two girls met Hamad and thanked him, Hamad said, “When you save a soul, you feel great happiness, as God Almighty says, and whoever saves a person it is as if he saved all people, so everyone should thank God because our god wanted to keep them alive. If you see a condition of the vehicle, you will never think that those in the vehicle are still alive, then thank God for making me a reason to save their lives.”

Hamad thanked the owner of the vehicle who helped him save the two girls. He also thanked those who communicated with him from the media, the Department of Civil Defence and Ambulance in Muscat Governorate, and the Royal Oman Police.