We Love Oman: Bays, lagoons and soft beaches in Mahout

Oman Sunday 22/August/2021 21:04 PM
By: Times News Service
We Love Oman:  Bays, lagoons and soft beaches in Mahout

The Wilayat of Mahout is located in Al Wusta Governorate and borders Wilayat of Al Mudhaibi from north, Adam from north-west, Al Duqm from south-west and Jaalan Bani Bu Ali from north-east. Being a popular fishing spot one can see white sand and seagulls here. Mahout is also well-known for wadis like Al Joubah, Madirah and Al Sail.

Located off the coast of the Arabian Sea and accessible by small boats, Mahout Island is full of natural tourist attractions. Its attractions include bays, lagoons and soft beaches surrounded by the mangrove trees. Flamingo, seagull, socotra cormorants and many other birds are found here. The island has a 6 kilometre long beach.

The island is famous for the abundance of shrimps on its sea and many types of fish.
Women and children in Mahout Island collect different types of shells locally called “Ja’afour,” where they boil in water and at a high temperature, extract meat from it, dry it, then use it with rice and have delicious taste.

Mahout Island has a long history of trade between Oman and other countries where the island was the starting point of some Omani ships to Yemen, Africa and many other countries. Salt is also transported from Mahout to Sur and the eastern parts of the Sultanate.