Omantel’s ICT offerings fuel digital economy

Business Tuesday 17/August/2021 15:04 PM
By: Times News Service
Omantel’s ICT offerings fuel digital economy
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Muscat: Since the beginning of time, humans have evolved every single day in intellect and capacity. The result is the world we currently live in, abuzz with things our minds have created and on which, our way of life largely depends. Information & communication technology has now become the foundation on which the 4th Industrial Revolution is riding, and Omantel is leading the way in the national, regional, and international landscape.

This is why at the core of Omantel’s philosophy is the constant endeavour to harness the expanding ICT potential and making it available for the private & public sectors so that they optimally benefit from its infinite scope in different applications.

Omantel’s ICT repertoire encompasses broad segments, which are Unified Communications, Cloud & Data Centre Services, Software as aService and other Managed Services which form the axis of Omantel’s ICT solutions as these fields are what give users the cutting edge solutions and enable the digital ecosystem to grow and thrive using Omantel’s smart fixed & mobile connectivity solutions.

Unified communications

Omantel stands apart for its customer experience and takes this service beyond its traditional definition. The company’s Virtual Contact Centre that is being offered to the enterprise customers is not just a call centre, but a hub where services demands of various customer segments are met and are apt solutions provided.  It is a full-contact centre ecosystem that has required no capital investment nor hardware, provided complete solutions, and gives the flexibility of pay as you go.

The emergence of COVID-19 as a prolonged threat to health required proactive solutions, and Omantel was quick to offer video conferencing and screen sharing solutions through Cisco Webex Meetings, which has ensured business continuity during remote working while maintaining health safety during unprecedented times. Similarly, in cooperation with Microsoft, Omantel availed a remote collaboration & video conferencing solution for Enterprise customers, called Microsoft Teams that allows remote workers to meet, call and collaborate virtually.
These easy-to-use solutions have boosted organisational productivity and broadened team collaborations in addition to Omantel’s flexible per-user payment option, off-the-shelf products and varied customised modules to cater to specific needs.
Omantel also brings enterprise-grade IP Telephony Solution (PBX) to customers with PBX system & SIP/PRI connection that is customized and offers end-to-end solutions including connectivity.

Software as a service

Microsoft products offered by Omantel include Office 365 suite, a complete IT solution that allows users to work from anywhere on all devices and up-to-date apps with an annual subscription. All Microsoft products and suites subscriptions are made accessible to customers through digital delivery.

Human Capital Management & customised software are brought to customers through partnerships with the industry leaders. This set of enterprise-grade software solutions come with a wide range of benefits like hybrid deployment models, end-to-end solutions including hosting and connectivity and offer immense flexibility in payment options and can be hosted in Omantel Data Centre or on a customer premise.

Omantel’s ERP solution is a one-stop world-class technology solution that is a quick to implement and affordable tool for SMEs to run their entire resource planning from a state-of-the-art locally hosted platform. A single application offers full control of all main business areas including financial, sales, customer relationship management, vendor relationship management, inventory, purchasing, planning and reporting, thus saving costs and paving way for increased profits.

Cloud and Data Centre services

What sets Omantel apart in a crowded field of cloud and data centre services is its state-of-the-art infrastructure, quality, security, speed, efficiency and customer-centric approach. Omantel has been providing all kinds of data centre services augmented with cybersecurity. Highlights like zero capital investment in hardware, payment flexibility and end-to-end solutions like Email Hosting, SSL Certification, web hosting, domain registration, cloud server, Enterprise Virtual Private Server (VPS) among others underscore the many benefits of offerings.

Getting ‘smarter’

The Company has been leading the digital transformation from the front, and Smart City Solutions are a major component of its ICT offerings, touching the lives of people every day, in every sphere. Omantel is leveraging IoT to manage public facilities, safety and security, parking, streetlights, traffic management, waste management, and many other services.

Smart health solutions have remained a part and parcel of Omantel’s ICT offerings and have grown in importance since early 2020 with the pandemic’s outbreak. These solutions have improved productivity &boosted efficiency through asset tracking, patient tracking, virtual health clinics etc. It has partnered with Siemens to bring new e-health solutions to Oman’s healthcare sector.
To help organisations overcome health and safety vulnerabilities, Omantel has developed technologies that are essential to mitigate COVID-19 risks by providing a powerful workplace intervention using the latest technologies that are capable to easily transform how we work and interact. Some of these solutions include temperature & face mask detection and people count; AI-enabled chatbots for customer service, contactless biometrics and e-signature solutions that electronically prepare, sign and manage documents and agreements.
The latest implementation of Omantel’s ICT solutions has been at the Duqm Special Economic Zone. Here, in association with the Asyad Group, Omantel launched Smart Video Surveillance as a service trial powered by its 5G network and offered high-speed internet service for ships anchoring at the Drydock. Also, Omantel and Huawei entered a tri-party Proof of Concept (POC) Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Hutchison Ports Sohar for showcasing successful utilisations of the telecom giant’s 5G infrastructure in boosting communication services and improving operational efficiency, accuracy, time management and security, among other services.
Education as a service
Omantel is collaborating with OMREN (Oman Research and Education Network, an initiative by The Research Council) to establish a national ecosystem that supports Oman’s Research and Education community and connects it with the international community.

Other managed services
Innovation is the foundation for all Omantel’s ICT solutions. TASIL epitomises this emphasis. An innovative, real-time online advertising platform, TASIL has been enabling Omantel’s enterprise clients to attract customers with map-enabled precise location filters and real-time marketing campaigns with measurable and meaningful reports. While registration is free, TASIL offers flexible pay as you go payment options and competitive tariffs through different communications channels like SMS and WhatsApp.

Another managed solution for SMEs is is Omantel’s “Office Out of the Box” which is covering fixed business internet broadband, mobile packages and ICT services in one monthly bundle.

Omantel continues to briskly march ahead on its path as an important economic driver effectively handling challenges and hurdles like risks to society from information overload, monitoring and infrastructural needs to name a few, using proactive, focused and positive approaches that include infrastructure expansion, acquisitions, strategic partnerships with leading ICT product providers, network services and technical know-how.