Giving gifts with meaning on special occasions

Lifestyle Sunday 01/August/2021 20:52 PM
By: Statepoint
Giving gifts with meaning on special occasions

By embracing the art of the written word, you can create lifelong memories and treasured heirlooms on special occasions

 In today’s world, intimacy can sometimes be sacrificed for immediacy. We often send texts or emails, rather than sending handwritten letters, cards or notes. However, handwritten notes are a beautiful way to capture meaningful moments and create something tangible that goes beyond the digital. In the past, writing by hand was an integral part of daily life -- letters were written to soldiers overseas, travel journals and diaries were kept, and cards were sent to celebrate birthdays. Today, we have to be much more intentional about crafting these handmade mementos.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, graduation or other special occasion, get inspired by the art of handwritten communication and celebrate with one of these lasting keepsakes:

• Tap into nostalgia: Take your gift recipient for a sweet trip down memory lane by compiling a scrapbook or memory box of photographs, keepsakes and more. Make sure to include a handwritten note from the present day for a heartfelt finishing touch.

• Feed the soul: Preparing food and sharing meals is one of the most common ways for friends and families to connect. If your celebrant has a collection of handwritten recipe cards, consider binding them into a cookbook, complete with a title page inscription from you. Not only will it make them feel like an accomplished chef, it’ll preserve these treasured treats forever.

• Capture the everyday: The first step to preserving treasured memories is to record them. Gift some stunning stationery, a sturdy leather-bound journal or even high-quality card stock and encourage your recipient to do some writing of their own. Journaling is proven to be an effective tool for relaxation and self-reflection, and a lovely journal might be a welcome invitation for some self-care. Pair your gift with a smooth-writing, long-lasting gel ink pen, like the G2 from Pilot, to ensure their words flow effortlessly.

• Give the ultimate upgrade: Complete the gift and make sure your loved one is ready for any writing task with a  fountain pen. Some fountain pens feature a unique, retractable design and a rhodium plated 18K gold writing nib that is as durable as it is sophisticated.

However you celebrate, be sure to skip the e-card and handwrite something from the heart, instead.- Statepoint