We Love Oman: Breathtaking beach lagoons in Dhofar

Oman Monday 26/July/2021 20:43 PM
By: Times News Service
We Love Oman: Breathtaking beach lagoons in Dhofar

From the top of the mountains in the north, through Al Batinah Coast and the shores of the Al Sharqiyah Governorate and ending at the coasts of the Governorate of Dhofar in the south, lagoons are spread along the coast in Oman . Most of these lagoons were formed at the estuary of large valleys. Sea water is usually the water source of this type of lagoon, in addition to the fresh water originating in the valleys. Also known as Khawr, Dhofar is known for some of the breathtaking lagoons.

Khawr Al Mughsayl lies at the eastern end of Jabal Al Qamar in Dhofar. According to Oman's Ministry of Tourism, "The area of this lagoon is about half a square kilometre, its length is about three kilometres and its width 150 metres. The lagoon’s importance lies in maintaining important species of indigenous and migratory birds which inhabit the lagoon due to the abundance of food throughout the year. Some birds migrate from Africa, some from Europe and others from India, while others are permanent residents of the lagoon."

Located at the western entrance of Taqah City in Dhofar is Khawr Taqah. The lagoon occupies about 2 square kilometres. Khawr Taqah is filled with places in which freshwater varieties of plants grow, as well as other plant types that need a high level of salinity. This contributes to the presence of an abundant marine life here, in addition to many types of birds.

While Khawr Awqad is located at  the outskirts of the ancient Awqad city and is one of the sites frequented by birds nesting throughout the year, such as the egrets, herons and Abu Mahgl, amongst others, Khawr Al Baleed takes its name from the ancient city which lies on the banks of this lagoon. The lagoon flanks the city on the east and north. In ancient times, this lagoon was connected to the sea and used as a natural port due to its depth in some parts.

The region is currently on the World Heritage List and the khawr is protected. The importance of this place lies in its combination of archaeology, history and nature. The archaeological park is considered to be the first of its kind in the Sultanate, serving to protect natural resources, attract tourists to the site and inform people of this important ancient city in the Governorate of Dhofar.

Khawr Al Qurm Al Sagheer and Al Kabeer in Salalah have dense mangrove trees that cover the two lagoons. Khawr Sawli in Wilayat Taqah  is amongst the most important lagoons regarding the number of plant, animal and micro-organisms that live in the lagoon.