Inflation in Oman rises marginally

Oman Saturday 24/July/2021 17:29 PM
Inflation in Oman rises marginally

Muscat: The inflation rate in the Sultanate in June 2021 increased by 1.25 per cent compared  to the corresponding month, last year, according to statistics on the standard figures for consumer prices issued by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).

The inflation rate also increased by 0.02 per cent compared to May 2020, according to the same statistics.       

The increase of the price index in June 2021 compared to the corresponding month in 2020 is ascribed to the increase in prices in the main groups such as transport, which increased by 5.72 per cent, increase in varied commodities and services group by 3.30 per cent, tobacco group by 2.96 per cent, culture and entertainment group by 1.61 per cent, garments and shoes group by 0.31 per cent, education and health group by 0.08 per cent, residence, water, electricity, gas and other fuels group by 0.07 per cent .

On the other hand, the prices of food items and non-alcoholic drinks decreased by 0.58 per cent and restaurants and hotels group decreased 0. 20 per cent and communications group deceased by 0.09 per cent.