Authority issues statement on high electricity bills in Oman

Oman Sunday 18/July/2021 10:47 AM
By: Times News Service
Authority issues statement on high electricity bills in Oman
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Muscat: The Authority for Public Services Regulation (APSR), has issued a statement regarding high electricity bills for subscribers.

APSR said in a statement that it has followed with great interest what is being circulated on social media about the rise in the value of electricity bills for some valued subscribers. Accordingly, the authority would like to clarify that it regulates and monitors licensed electricity distribution companies to ensure their compliance with service standards and the accuracy of bills issued to all subscribers.

The authority confirms that in the event that the licensed companies do not comply with the regulatory frameworks for the calculation mechanism, it will intervene in favour of the subscriber to amend the calculation based on the principles it has approved, in accordance with the legal powers granted to it.

The procedures adopted by the authority to issue bills has obligated all licensed companies with the following regulatory framework when issuing electricity bills to ensure their accuracy, since December 2020:

1- Taking actual readings for all subscribers per month for a period of not less than 28 days and not exceeding 32 days.

2- In the event that it is not possible to take the actual reading, an estimated reading is calculated according to the following: use the actual consumption for the same month of the previous year. If this is not possible, use the actual consumption for the closest previous month available.

The authority, when issuing this regulatory framework, took into account that it should be accurate and reflect the actual consumption of the subscriber.

After the review, it became clear to the authority that the licensed companies took actual readings ranging between 85 per cent and 94 per cent of the subscribers’ accounts for that period, and will oblige the licensed companies to announce their monthly performance with regard to issuing invoices.

To ensure the development of the service provided to valued subscribers, the authority has also obligated licensed companies to bear the costs of replacing all current metres with remote-read metres or prepaid metres.

"The authority is currently reviewing the invoices issued by the licensed companies for the months of May and June to ensure their accuracy. And will work in accordance with the legal and regulatory powers granted to it to guarantee the rights of all subscribers."

"APSR would like to assure all subscribers that it will take the necessary measures to ensure the accuracy of issuing bills by the licensed companies and follow up their compliance with the regulatory frameworks to protect the rights of subscribers."

"In the event of any complaint, please communicate with the licensed companies in all the governorates of the Sultanate through its call centres. In the event that you are not satisfied with the decision of the licensed companies, please request that the complaint be referred to the authority through the licensed company or by communicating with the authority through the complaints platform (Hasil)