President of Haitian Senate declared interim leader after Moise's assassination

World Saturday 10/July/2021 16:53 PM
President of Haitian Senate declared interim leader after Moise's assassination

Moscow: Haiti's Senate has issued a resolution declaring President of the Haitian Senate Joseph Lambert interim president following the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, local media reported.

The resolution was adopted on Friday and was supported by several Haitian opposition parties and organizations, Rezo Nodwes said. Haiti's Senate, which currently consists of only a third of its members, said that Lambert would take a constitutional oath in parliament and would be installed in his functions immediately after that, to form a new government. At the same time, a number of political parties in Haiti have signed a memorandum, saying that Ariel Henry, who was appointed prime minister by Moise two days before the assassination, should now head the government of national unity, Haiti24 reported.

Henry did not have time to form a new government, so Claude Joseph is now serving as interim prime minister since he was the incumbent at the time of Moise's assassination. Joseph is counting on the support of the international community to stay in power until presidential and legislative elections are held on September 26.

According to Haiti's police, a group of 26 Colombians and two Americans shot President Moise in his home on Wednesday. The National Police said earlier on Friday that 17 Colombians and two Americans of Haitian descent suspected of participating in the assassination had been detained. In a later update, police said that another suspect, identified as Mendivelso Jaimes Gersain, a Colombian national, was also detained.