Parenting: Things to do to handle baby tantrums

Lifestyle Wednesday 01/June/2016 17:51 PM
By: Times News Service
Parenting: Things to do to handle baby tantrums

During the first year, parents of the little baby get to know her moods very well. But as the baby celebrates the first birthday, she starts throwing tantrums that can actually take even the most attentive parents off guard. A happy baby can suddenly have a change in the mood and be in a full-on-meltdown as if the switch has been flipped. Besides that, children are usually loud, embarrassing and annoying as it shows that your kids are out of control. These baby tantrums can be really frustrating and stressful for the parents and especially when the child hits their terrible twos. According to child psychologists, most children don’t throw a tantrum to be naughty; they do it to express their anger or frustration when they don’t achieve something that they want. Remaining calm and identifying the cause behind such behaviour can help you to handle the situation efficiently.
Some important tips on how to handle baby tantrums:
Understand the child’s needs: Always remember that your child will not throw a tantrum unnecessarily. It could be the result of lack of attention, any kind of frustration, physical problems or any kind of pain. Your child may be teething or is too tired and needs a nap. In that case it is good to provide what is needed for the baby and the tantrum will gradually subside. It is a good idea to carry some healthy snack items whenever you are out and allow the baby to sleep during the scheduled naptime.
Don’t say no, explain things: There are many parents who just say a big no whenever their kids throw tantrums. But this is not a good thing. You should always explain the reason behind that no. You don’t have to give a huge explanation, but offer a reason for your actions and this will help the child make sense and also bring the situation under control. Screaming back at your children will only worsen the situation. So, stay calm and let them know the reason of your denial.
Don’t let the child take advantage of the tantrum: Often it is seen that while shopping, little kids demand toys or their favourite chocolates and saying a no, leads to a baby tantrum. So, how to handle baby tantrums in such cases? Tantrums are often horrible and embarrassing in public places and this is what children take advantage of. They know that if they start crying and screaming in public, their parents will fulfil their demands. And they will start using this as the best means to satisfy their demands. But you should not allow them to take advantage of it. Let them understand that screaming or crying will not change your mind and always stick to your decision.
Find a distraction: If you can understand that your child is about to start a tantrum, then find something to distract his or her attention. This could be like seeing some birds in the sky or flowers in the garden. You can make sounds like animals and make it interesting for your child. You can also open up a story book and flip through the pictures.