Arab state audit institutions approve council’s estimated budget for 2021

Oman Monday 05/July/2021 19:19 PM
Arab state audit institutions approve council’s estimated budget for 2021

Doha: The Sultanate, represented by the State Audit Institution (SAI), on Monday participated in the 62nd meeting of the Executive Council of the Arab Organisation for Supreme Audit Institutions (ARABOSAI) in Doha, Qatar.

The Sultanate’s delegation was headed by Ahmed Salim Al Rujeibi, SAI Deputy Chairman of Audit in the State Administrative Apparatus.
Najeeb Al Qattari, Secretary General of ARABOSAI assured in his opening speech that ARABOSAI continues its efforts which aim at promoting cooperation and exchanging expertise among SAIs, as well as being up to date on professional advancements in audit fields.

Moreover, Bandar Mohammed Al Thani, Chairman of the ARABOSAI Executive Council appreciated in his speech the efforts of SAIs, members of the council and their accomplishments, which have contributed in boosting the progress of audit work despite the current challenges.

Results of previously conducted activities and events were reviewed through discussing relevant reports submitted by the Chairman of the Council and Secretary General, as well as reports of the Sustainable Development Committee, Strategic Layout Committee and Strategic Plan

The meeting also highlighted SAIs reports relevant to their participation in the INTOSAI committees and work groups activities. During the two-day meeting, SAIs also approved the 2020 final account and the council’s estimated budget for 2021.

Oman’s SAI was elected to be a member of the Executive Council for the period (2017-2022) during the 12th session of the Organisation’s General Assembly.