We Love Oman: Manah’s rare tree with medicinal properties

Oman Saturday 03/July/2021 20:20 PM
We Love Oman: Manah’s rare tree with medicinal properties

A number of rare plants and trees are found at different parts of the Sultanate, depending on the environment and climatic conditions. Wilayat of Manah in the Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah is known for the rare antherus trees which are used for treatment of  many diseases.

Suwaid bin Awadh Al Tobi from the village of Al Ma’ara in Manah said, “it is one of the rare trees in the Sultanate and grows only at Al Ain Village in the Wilayat of Manah. It is of medium height with short branches and the leaves have a bitter taste. It is one and a half metre from the ground and has roots that go at the depth of 80cm under the ground.”
He said that traditionally, people living in this area used the leaves of the tree for treatment of asthma, acidity and stomach pain. The sweet roots of the tree have low calories. The tree is also used for treatment  caused by scorpion and snake bites.

He also pointed to the role the people play in preservation of  these rare trees. “People now replant these trees at different areas of the village due to the decrease in irrigation water and the fire incidents that damaged some of the trees. -ONA