Story of the phone scam: how criminals try to steal your money

Energy Wednesday 22/February/2017 22:15 PM
By: Times News Service
Story of the phone scam: how criminals try to steal your money

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Here is the full transcript of the conversation our reader, Ahmed, had with two scamsters. You can also listen to the audio embedded here.

Key: V: victim S: scammer

Phone call 1:
S: hello, congratulations...are you Pakistani or Bengali?
V: No Irani
S: Okay no problem, just one second... wait... I’m calling to tell you that you have won a prize of 20,000 rials.
V: Oh thank you so much. Now what?
S: Do you have an account number?
V: Yes I do.
S: No problem, what bank are you with?
V: Bank ***
S: No problem, what we’ll do is transfer the funds to your account. Give me your bank account details so I can transfer the money to you.
V: One second (gives a number). Where are you calling from?
S2: Salam, we are calling from (well known telecoms company). You’ve won a prize of 20,000 rials from (well known telecoms company). Congratulations and praise to God. God willing you will receive the funds in your account today at Bank ****. Do you have the account number or no?
V: Yes there is
S: What’s your account number?
V: The name?
S: Yes give me your name and the account number
V: 0**************7 (scammer repeats numbers)
S: Do you have your bank card with you, brother?
V: Yes when am I getting the money? Today?
S: Yes you will get the money today, God willing today, in the name of God. Give me the 48 number.
V: There is no 48 number, there’s a 42 number
S: Yes 42..
V: (Completes the account number)
S: What is the expiration date?
V: Why do you need this... you said you’re going to give me money?
S: You will be receiving the amount of 20,000 rials today my brother. You will receive it today. Now I will be transferring the funds to your account. You should be getting messages from Bank ****...
(PHONE CUTS and scammer calls back)
S: You will receive OMR5,000 from Bank ****, 5,000 from Islamic bank in Dubai , another 5,000 from Saudi from ****bank, 5000 from ***** bank.. OMR 20,000 will come to you from all these banks, now are you ready with the expiration number brother?
V: I thought I was over when the phone line cut. (Gives expiration number)
S: thank you brother now turn the card over and you will see three digits. Give me those digits.
V: 421
S: Okay brother, I will now transfer the amount into your account. When you get messages from bank ****, do they go to this number or another number?
V: Yes.
S: Okay brother by the will of God you will be receiving the funds very soon. I just need your Identity card
V: Why do you need the ID card? You said you’re giving me money?
S: Brother, the funds are coming from four different countries so they need everything. They are checking to make sure that the bank card and the ID have the same information. Brother this is an amount of 20,000.
V: Are you sure I’m not being scammed?
S: No, no, no. We just need your ID number
V: (gives number)
S: Repeat the number and you will have 20,000 coming your way. You’ll get the first message from bank ****. Wait, you’ll soon receive a text from the bank.
(The scammer convinces the victim to wait online for the text. When it comes in, the scammer tells his victim that it’s the pin number. The scammer is trying to infiltrate the account, and for security reasons, a text was sent to the owner of the account with a new pin number)
V: Gives pin
S: No! what are you saying, I said give me the number in the message. The new pin number. What is it?
V: Gives pin
S: This is the old pin. What’s the new pin? With the new pin, in the name of God, you will be receiving the funds.
V: So when is the money coming? I want to buy a car
S: (Laughs) Inshallah inshallah. Just one second, I am now contacting the bank in Dubai and they will transfer 5k. I’m staring at the computer watching it transfer over , inshallah.
V: So whats your name? I’ll give you 5k because you’re such a generous person. What’s your name?
S: (laughs).. now you’ll get a text... just wait.... (silence)... brother the pin you gave me isn’t good. You gave me the old one it doesn’t work. Is this the same number you use at the ATM? What is it?
V: gives number.
S: No, this isn’t the same number brother
V: This is the right one, I used it yesterday. Which place do you work at?
S: I work at the office of Prizes International in the business department This pin number you gave me is not the correct one brother
V: Where’s your office I will bring it to you
S: We are in Buraimi brother. The pin you gave me is not correct.
V: This is the same one it’s weird that it’s not working
S: What is it? Okay give me your account number again
V: I’ve already given it. What’s your name?
S: Ali Abdullah
V: Ali Abdullah, how many times do I give my account number? Then you change my pin number no wonder it’s not working
S: Brother, I’m saying give me your account number again
V: Ali Abdullah, don’t let this be one of those scammer things
S: Brother, your words are a lie, your words are a lie. You’re not getting the 20,000 cause you haven’t given us the right number.
V: Why are you calling me a liar? I’ve given you my account number, my ID number, why am I a liar?
S: Brother, give me the 16 digit number again
V: I’ve given you the credit card number
S: just give me the number
V: (gives number)
S: Okay give me the number again.
V: I just did!
S: No, you didn’t give me the right number.
V: I gave you the credit card. You wanted the atm card.
S: Do you have whatsapp on this number?
V: Yes
S: Wait a minute.
V: Ali Abdullah what’s going on? I want the 20,000
S: Hangs up
Scammer “Ali Abduallah” then sends the victim a voice note via WhatsApp asking him to send the picture of the card.