We Love Oman: Majestic mountains of Dhofar

Oman Sunday 27/June/2021 20:55 PM
By: Times News Service
We Love Oman: Majestic mountains of Dhofar

The governorate of Dhofar is known for its majestic mountains and beautiful shores. In the south, the mountains of Dhofar region extend from east to west off AlHillaniyat Islands. Samhan Mountain, which includes the Arabian Leopard Reserve in the east and Jabal Al Qamar (Moon Mountain) in the west, is the most prominent mountain range in the region, rising to an altitude of 2,500 metres.

The mountains in Salalah, due to regular rainfall in summer time, remain green nearly all year round. Visitors to the area of Iftalqot in Salalah are able to view the breathtaking view of the beach, which is engulfed by rocks and green hills, from a height of 3km above sea level. The cliff can be reached from the same road that leads to Al Mughsail beach.

According to Oman's Ministry of Tourism, "Samhan Mountain is one of the most important mountain ranges in the Governorate of Dhofar, with a maximum height of 2,100 metres. Samhan Mountain includes many plateaus punctuated by narrow and deep gorges, some of which are about 1,000 metres deep."

"Various plants grow in the plain of Jabal Samhan, such as acacia and gum trees. The narrow mountain passes have little water but there are a number of streams, which are an important source of water for most animals found in the region. Besides the Arabian leopard (considered a rare animal), these mountains are home to a number of other mammals such as the Arabian gazelle, foxes and the Nubian ibex."

Leopards are the animals that best adapt to the surrounding environment, and are often smaller and lighter in colour than their African counterparts. Arabian leopards have survived for a long time in the northern mountain range of the Arabian Peninsula.