Affordable skin care tips to battle breakouts and acne

T-Mag Wednesday 23/June/2021 17:39 PM
By: Statepoint
Affordable skin care tips to battle breakouts and acne

Do you suffer from acne or breakouts? Don’t stress! Millions of  people of all ages are affected by acne and it’s easier and more affordable to treat than you may think.
Indeed, regular dermatologist visits and costly medications are out of reach for many. The good news is what actually works best are natural, non-toxic products scientifically-formulated to prevent and treat acne.

“An easy, affordable routine can be just as effective as prescription medications or pricey treatments,” says Erica Suppa, founder of Fresh Faced Skin Care based in the US, who uses her scientific background in skin biology and cosmetic chemistry to create natural products that help resolve teen, adult, non-inflamed and cystic acne.

As Suppa notes, breakouts can be caused by almost anything: excess sweat, makeup, supplements, hormones and even “maskne” (acne caused by wearing a mask). Acne lives in your upper layers of skin for 90 days and you need to exfoliate those layers away gently and gradually. To treat acne and help with aging, Suppa suggests this routine:

1. Cleanse: Cleanse skin gently to detoxify, fight bacteria, reduce breakouts and calm redness. To do so without depleting natural moisture, consider fresh faced purifying bar. Clay-based, it doesn’t strip oil and is suitable for all skin types. It also contains tea tree and lavender oil to help calm skin.

2. Exfoliate: Skin cells fall off during the day and you need to prevent them from combining with oil in your pores and forming a plug. Gently exfoliate your skin with products that include ingredients to dissolve dead skin. This also helps to firm skin and prevent breakouts. Look for products that contain mandelic acid to dissolve dead skin cells and stimulate new cells, as well as lactic acid to stimulate collagen renewal and fade unwanted pigmentation. Lastly, avoid products with coconut oil, sodium chloride and algae extracts, as these ingredients block pores.

3. Moisturise. There’s no need to consider age or complexion when choosing the right moisturiser. You need only consider your skin type. Moisturize twice daily to balance your skin’s oil and water content. For oily skin, select water-based products. (Look for water in the top five ingredients.) If you have combination or dry skin without breakouts, select a moisturiser based on your main skin concern. For example, to lighten dark spots, use a moisturiser containing niacinamide or vitamin C.

4. Protect: Beyond sun protection, sunscreen helps prevent acne scarring from remaining visible and slows signs of aging. Select a sunscreen that doesn’t contain chemical ingredients. SPF40  is great for sensitive, red and irritated skin and rosacea. Tinted Facial Protection SPF40 on the other hand, is good for darker skin tones.

When it comes to your routine, Suppa says simplicity is the key.  This easy, three-step skin care routine (cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize) addresses the root cause of all types of acne and breakouts.