We Love Oman: Falaj of Dhank

Oman Tuesday 22/June/2021 21:02 PM
We Love Oman: Falaj of Dhank

The falaj in the village of Belt is located in the far north of the Wilayat of Dhank and it is the main falaj. The length of the falaj from its source (Al Qabil) to its end (Al Jalal) is about 800 metres. It depends on the running surface water and is completely dependent on rain.

The falaj  provides water to the palm trees, lemons, figs, pomegranates, mango and other crops grown here. The falaj ends in (Al Jalal), which is a large basin. Water is collected in it to irrigate the rest of the agricultural crops. 

Apart from weeds, alfalfa and corn,  seasonal crops such as barley, wheat, onions, garlic, cowpeas and galangal are grown here. The water of the falaj is divided for five days among the people, so that each day has one person responsible for distributing the water.

The state of Dhank is one of the states of Al Dhahirah Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman. It is famous for its valley, and it is called Dhank because the mountains surround it from all sides.  The Wilayat of Dhank is located in the middle of the Dhahirah region. Adjacent to it from the western side is the Wilayat of Buraimi and Ibri and to the south is the Wilayat of Ibri.