We Love Oman: Seasonal crops of Masah village

Oman Monday 21/June/2021 20:20 PM
We Love Oman: Seasonal crops of Masah village

Located ten kilometres away from Mahdhah in Al Buraimi, Masah is one of the agricultural villages known for growing several seasonal crops owing  to its elevation above sea level and the topography of the area.

The village, which enjoys a moderate climate throughout the year,  is  surrounded by mountains from all sides. The two falajs which run throughout the year are used for irrigation of the crops. The village is famous for cultivation of saffron, cumin, broccoli and peanuts among other crops  that are grown here.

Khalid bin Said Al Ka’abi, a farmer at the area said that the use of natural fertilisers besides the availability of water and the moderate climate conditions are the reasons for the successful cultivation of crops, mainly peanuts. Citizens and farmers of the area do not encourage the use of  chemical fertilisers, he said.

The success of growing peanuts is attributed to the moderate climate, adding that “peanuts is cultivated twice at the area as compared to other areas in the Sultanate”.  The reason is that the area enjoys moderate climate, fertile lands along with availability of water throughout the year. The location of the village is also favourable.

Farmers also grow other crops, fruits and vegetables. The date palm trees, mango, fig, grapes and lemon trees are common here.