Artwork by Omani photographer selected for Khaleeji Art Exhibition

Oman Friday 18/June/2021 17:26 PM
By: Times News Service
Artwork by Omani photographer selected for Khaleeji Art Exhibition

Muscat: Artwork by an Omani photographer was selected for display at the largest external exhibition of pictures in the world: the Khaleeji Art Exhibition.

21-year-old Abdulaziz Al Hosni, the photographer said, “One of my artworks was selected for the exhibition, a picture that features me in traditional Omani clothes coupled with Yeezy sneakers.”

"With me, five artists from the Gulf region also participated in the exhibition, where all our artworks were displayed in the largest permanent outdoor show in the world."

He added, “It is a great opportunity for me and other artists to share our work with the world and spread Arab and Gulf culture through modern and contemporary art.”

Abdelaziz said about his work participating in the exhibition, "The picture embodies the ancient Arab identity mixed with the spirit of modernity, as I used some old elements, such as the Arab Dallah that appears in the work, which is more than 60 years old. At the same time, I used other modern elements, such as the modern sneakers from Type (YEEZY-700) 2021."

Al Hosani emphasised, "The purpose of the presented work is to add colors to the Arab image and give it life and vitality and add modern elements mixed with traditional way."