Things parents should look for in a children's mobile app

T-Mag Wednesday 16/June/2021 13:11 PM
By: Brandpoint Content
Things parents should look for in a children's mobile app

With so many apps out there it can be challenging to identify which ones can help kids have fun and build new skills. What should parents look for in mobile apps? If you’re looking for a mobile app with activities for playing and learning, here are some of the features you should look for:

A variety of skill-building activities
When mobile games only provide players with a singular task, it’s often not challenging enough for them to stay engaged. But a variety of experiences can allow players to expand their skills in different areas. Applaydu comes with minigames that your child can play to enhance their motor, organizational, memory and rhythm skills. These minigames can also teach them about different subjects, including math, geography, and music.

Tasks that help your child learn new vocabulary words
No matter your child’s age, they can always benefit from learning new words. And when they hear vocabulary in a story, it can help them remember those words and apply them in real life. Applaydu introduces words through personalised stories that aim to help build vocabulary. Once the player finishes the story, it gets stored in the player’s “personal library.”

Fun rewards for learning
Incentives and rewards systems can be effective for motivating any game player to move on to the next big adventure, and can also be used to give kids confidence to tackle the next reading or math challenge. With new vocabulary words learned or math concepts tackled, Applaydu allows players to unlock gifts like 3D characters, avatar costumes and personalized adventure books.

Parental controls
It’s hard to manage a child’s screen time without information. With Applaydu, parents can get a pin-protected password that can allow them to track their child's progress and see what they are learning and what they have accomplished. If you're looking to discover more with Applaydu, head to the App Store or Google Play to download.