We Love Oman: Cultural treasures in Al Awabi

Oman Monday 14/June/2021 20:54 PM
We Love Oman: Cultural treasures in Al Awabi

THE Wilayat of Al Awabi in South Al Batinah Governorate hosts cultural treasures dated back to old times. These treasures include drawings and writings on rock, part of which are vital in documenting significant historic events of Oman.The drawings and writings on  rock represent a cultural reserve and one of the important sources of Oman’s history.

Researcher Harith bin Saif Al Kharousi said that some of these drawings and writings are dated back to thirty thousand years as compared to similar writing and drawing models in the world in general and the Arabian Peninsula, in particular.

“There are several writings at Wadi Bani Kharous area, which document significant economic events such as reform of agricultural lands at Al Alia Village,” he said adding that those writings were evidence of the economic activity during the time. He said that Sheikh Mohammed bin Khamis bin Mubarak Al Kharousi has left behind several writings on rock. In these writings he has mentioned about the construction of the Falaj among other developments of Al Awabi.

Among the famous people who wrote on rock was Said bin Shanon Al Aufi, who documented the migration of people from Wadi Bani Kharous to Africa and India owing to the drought conditions in the area, he said.