Oman Oasis's top priority is to foster talents of Omani employees

Roundup Monday 14/June/2021 18:57 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Oasis's top priority is to foster talents of Omani employees

Muscat: Oasis Water Company is considered one of the top brands in the Sultanate, with practical experience in the local and GCC markets for over 25 years. Today, it is the largest bottled water company in the Sultanate, providing pure drinking water in a range of convenient packages through various retail stores and by home delivery.

In addition, Oman Oasis has been lauded with 2 prestigious awards of ‘Certificate of Excellence in Manufacturing’ by ABWA and has been awarded the Sultan's Cup for Best Factory, twice in a row.

Based on our discussion with several Oasis Water employees, they praised the tangible efforts made by the company in providing the appropriate climate for a healthy work environment. This included everything that contributes to the advancement of employees and their development in the career ladder, such as training and qualification courses or incentives and promotion programmes.

The latter is based on several criteria including hard work, high performance, keenness to go the extra mile, and dedication. This raises the experience that the Omani youth has gained during their work at the Oasis Water Company and is evidence of their ability to perform higher tasks and take on more responsibilities in the private sector. Whenever efforts are united in promoting the Omani workforce, it has a positive impact on the group of young people.

The youth also praised the endeavours of the senior management within the company and their ambitious strategy to groom Omanis to reach leadership positions within the company not just for the sake of improving Omanisation numbers but more for making the best out of these talents for the future.  

Furthermore, they highlighted that through the guidance of the company's management, they were able to overcome the challenges and difficulties that face Omani employees in the private sector. They were able to demonstrate our ability to adapt at work, which enabled us to have a better understanding of our roles in achieving the business objectives while setting the right direction in our career journey.

Apart from placing their confidence in the efforts of the management with regard to training and grooming high potential employees in various disciplines, the youth mentioned that the company has been able to achieve its ambitious objectives towards quality Omanisation across various departments.

Saleh bin Sulaiman Al Ameri, Deputy Director-General of Administration and Human Resources at Al Waha Water Company, said, "The company seeks to empower young Omani talents in various departments through its policy of investing in the field of training and qualifying the national workforce. This is part of the company’s larger plan to develop their capabilities by upskilling them, providing on-the-job training and enhancing their professional aspects in diverse work environments. The company strives to ensure that they are involved in a variety of job tasks and responsibilities."

He pointed out that the Oasis Water Company is one of the leading companies in the field of Omanisation, as it was able to achieve a high Omanisation rate of 38%. The number of Omani staff is around 392, and the company is currently training and looking to bring in 11 new Omani employees in the sales representative positions. Through the on-the-job training programme, this comes within the company’s continuous efforts in the field of developing and qualifying young Omani candidates in various disciplines. The company is also encouraging and training its Omani employees and qualifying them for future leadership positions. This comes within the company’s ongoing framework to support Omani employees and develop their capabilities.

Ali bin Khalfan Al-Hatali, Assistant Director of Administration at the Oasis Water Company, added, "Ever since joining Oman Oasis as a truck driver in 2000, I have been able to move up the career ladder with hard work, diligence, and perseverance and overcome challenges." He pointed out that this is a result of the efforts made by the company's management to develop the skills of the Omani workforce in various disciplines, impacting his qualification and access to his current position.

He explained, “The company has provided us with many training and qualification opportunities, both within and outside the company, which has contributed greatly to the company’s career progression and my access to this position. Also, self-learning and carrying out my duties and responsibilities with determination had a major role in refining my skills. I would like to thank my former colleagues who have experience in the company, for their role in contributing to the development of my scientific, practical skills and communication skills.

"This includes identifying the nature of work, setting up a particular mechanism of progress by the management and providing opportunities for us to apply the acquired skills, whether at work or other institutions in the government. This has enabled us to become more familiar with all relevant laws and regulations. I advise all Omanis working in the private sector to develop themselves and learn patience, diligence and enjoy the work they do and be keen to learn something new, to further develop their skills.”

Salama bint Mubarak Al-Siyabiya, a laboratory technician at the Oasis Water Company, said, “The private sector has a major role in providing several job opportunities for Omani youth in various disciplines. I joined the Oasis Water Company in 2008 as a packaging inspector in the production department. Through hard work, perseverance and sincerity at work, I have progressed up the career ladder and now work in the quality assurance department. Through the company’s encouragement and the support of my colleagues, I was able to hone my practical skills."

Moreover, she pointed out that the Oasis Water Company provided them with many internal and external courses, which contributed to enhancing their work culture. The company also played a major role in enabling her to obtain her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration.

She added, "I encourage the presence of Omanis working in the private sector. And in general, I advise them to strive towards achieving their goals. This is possible through hard work and dedication and seizing every opportunity for self-development, whether through training and development provided by the employer or through their efforts and continuous research. I have encountered several difficulties and challenges, especially during my university studies. But through my will and dedication, and the support of the company's management, I was able to overcome every obstacle."

Badr bin Talib Al-Wardi, Deputy Director of Receiving Raw Materials, said, "I started working with Oman Oasis back in 2004 as a loading and unloading operator. At that time I had not completed my general education, but through the continuous efforts of Oasis Water Company, I was able to build my confidence to learn. This reflected positively in my promotion and the completion of my education, since the company provided me with several training programs and courses in the English language, to help me learn and prepare for the future.

He added, “Since I received the position of Deputy Director of Receiving Raw Materials, I have managed the department and achieved an Omanisation rate of 100%. I have also greatly contributed to training, educating, and qualifying Omani youth to perform their job roles efficiently, supporting them as they have proven their capabilities”.

He highlighted that a majority of the employees working in the Raw Material Receipt Department are young Omanis who have been able to prove themselves and take up positions held previously by expatriates, achieving positive results during the last period. He said, “I would like to remind all Omanis, who are working either in the private or government sector, the necessity of continuous learning and not to hesitate to learn more of any profession of no matter what kind. I would not have reached my position without the support and assistance from the company or from my co-workers, who helped me every step of the way.”