Create a self-care plan that’s right for you

T-Mag Wednesday 09/June/2021 19:43 PM
By: Articlecity
Create a self-care plan that’s right for you

What’s a self-care plan? The term has no official definition but most people take it to mean any routine you create to make your life better, more healthful, more rewarding, and happier. Massages, facials, saunas, rejuvenating beauty products, relaxation aids, and smart skincare are often key parts of a comprehensive self-care routine.

Something as simple as using an effective sunscreen can make a huge difference in your long-term health. Of course, creating a smart self-care plan involves a lot more than just buying a product or two, enjoying a massage and facial spa day each year on your birthday, and leaving it at that. Self-care plans call for attention, planning, and making wise choices about what works for you. Here are a few common points you’ll find in many self-care plans.

Mental relaxation
Make sure to put mental relaxation routines into your self-care plan. For many, that means a regular dose of jogging, walking, bicycling, calisthenics, weight lifting, aerobics classes, dance lessons, swimming, or martial arts. These activities are about more than physical health; they help our minds establish a challenging, rewarding pattern of movement that helps us sleep better and stay alert during the day. Meditation, prayers, and mindfulness sessions are other good, less physical ways to gain access to direct mental well-being and relaxation. Just sitting quietly for 20 minutes each morning is a powerful way to get a guaranteed bit of mental relaxation on a regular basis.

Healthy skin
Facials, saunas, and massage are excellent ways to put emphasis on skin health. The skin is your body’s largest organ and affects virtually every major physical and mental system. Weekly facials, daily or weekly saunas, and warm baths and showers are some of the most pleasant and effective ways to give your skin what it needs. Lotions, oils, and balms help seal in all those healthful benefits.

Treating the muscles
Regular massages can mean a stronger immune system, better muscular fitness, enhanced mental health, and less stress. That’s why massage is usually a central component in every self-care plan. Once per month is good, but two or more one-hour sessions per month are ideal for maintaining a stress-free and low-stress life.