1,400 Omanis take exams for Public Prosecution jobs

Oman Tuesday 08/June/2021 20:31 PM
By: Times News Service
1,400 Omanis take exams for Public Prosecution jobs
The Public Prosecution Department’s efforts to hire more Omanis is part of attempts to employ more nationals from the labour force.

Muscat: 1,400 Omanis have written exams organised by the Public Prosecution as part of the hiring process for the post of public prosecution assistant.

Candidates who wrote the exam had BAs in Sharia Law or above, and were split into two groups, a precautionary measure to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, in line with the medical protocol that needs to be followed in such cases.

The sorting of candidates will be processed electronically, per a programme created by the Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) to assess tests taken in government institutions.

Nasr Khamis Al Sawa’ee, the Attorney General, went on an inspection tour to follow up efforts made to conduct the tests, held at the SQU labs via computing systems monitored by the SQU’s Community Service and Ongoing Education Centre.

The Public Prosecution Department’s efforts to hire more Omanis is part of attempts to employ more nationals from the labour force.

A number of companies across different areas of operations, both in the private and public sector, have announced vacancies for qualified applicants.

11 positions, for example, have been announced by a key financial institution in the country, for which applicants have to submit the necessary documentation by 18 June.

A leading tourism development firm has also called on IT specialists and programmers to join them.

A number of jobs have been made available at nationwide environmental services, facilities providers, and utility companies, while a prominent telecommunications firm, through its graduate hiring programme, is looking to give jobs to 140 Omanis.

Those who wish to apply under this programme will need to send their CVs to the company in question before 21 June, after which they will be reviewed, with successful candidates moving to the next stage of evaluation.

Successful candidates will be inducted into a six-month training programme, which is set to begin in August 2021, and will be provided a monthly allowance.

“During the programme, you will deliver on agreed KPIs and will be assessed on the usage of digital applications, customer experience and cultural fit,” said the company, explaining the hiring process.

“We will offer employment opportunity to those who excel during the training programme in customer service and retail. All programme attendees will be awarded an accredited certificate for completing the programme.”

An architecture and design firm in Muscat is also keen on having recent graduates and final-year students train with them, to provide them work experience that will help them develop their careers.

A number of jobs in retail and vocational training, as well as a number of specialised maintenance roles as technicians and engineers have also opened up for Omanis.

Furthermore, monthly stipends will also be provided to those willing to train in graphic design, and marketing, as part of a youth skills development scheme in the Governorate of Al Dhahirah.
Interviews have also taken place for candidates keen on contributing to the oil and gas sector, while more opportunities are to be made available in the coming weeks.