Two Omani photographers traverse over 800 km capturing beauty of tourist sites

Oman Tuesday 08/June/2021 17:33 PM
By: Times News Service

Muscat: On a journey in which they crossed more than 800 km, two Omani photographers documented the beauty of tourist sites in the South Sharqiyah Governorate through a short film.

The movie included more than 400 images, and more than 100 video clips for the wilayats of Jalan Bani Bu Ali, Jalan Bani Bu Hassan, and wilayat Al Kamel and Al Wafi. The video has launched today, under the patronage of Her Excellency Maitha bint Saif Al Mahrouqiyah, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism.
Salim Al Senaidi, photographer of the work, said: "The work aims to enrich the tourism movement and support existing tourism and  commercial projects in the governorate, as the work includes clips of new tourist sites that have not been shown before, based on the speech of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, in which he enlisted the youth of Oman to exert their efforts to make Oman 2040 vision a success as every one has a role in his  position, within the limits of its capabilities and responsibilities, and a sense of social responsibility on our part as photographer  by producing promotional content for tourism in the Sultanate.”

"In cooperation with a group of licensed tourist establishments and local community institutions, me and my friend Mustafa Al Senaidi prepared a short promotional film that highlights the tourist destinations in the three wilayats in south Al Sharqiyah, Ja'alan Bani Bu Ali, Jalan Bani Bu Hasan, Wilayat Al Kamil and Al Wafi." Senaidi added.

The work is jointly filmed and produced by Salim Al Senaidi and filmed by drone, by Mustafa Al Senaidi. The work was filmed during 7 consecutive months.

Al-Senaidi says: "We took advantage of the time of the break during the closure period between governorates by filming the three wilayats. We filmed about 981 different clips in different places and we used 142 clips in the video and covered more than 861 kilometers to prepare this video."

Al-Senaidi explained: “The idea of the tourism video to contain the three wilayats united by history and the present, and because of the cohesion, and rapprochement between them in customs, traditions and folklore. Each corner of the three states of Ja’alan is characterised by a unique story that it tells to the tourist,"

He added: "Starting from Wilayat Al Kamil and Al Wafi, where the fertile land, towering mountains and golden sands and the fresh valleys and the village of Siq was prominent in the video to represent the Wilayat of Al Kamil and Al Wafi. As for the Wilayat of Jalan Bani Buhassan  which is  gathers all the tourist resistances from mountains, valleys, sands and seas, As for my Wilayat, Ja’alan Bani Bu Ali has a charming beach that is characterised by cool weather in the winter and cold in the summer, in addition to many other sites and I always say that Ja`lan Bani Bu Ali is not just a place to see but a place to feel.”

Al-Senaidi stressed: "All these three wilayats have many forts and castles to tell the tale of the fragrant past and present. This video is not only an invitation to tourists, but also an invitation to investors to invest in tourism and commercial projects in the region to stimulate trade and tourism."