Trap, neuter and release only option to control stray animals in Oman

Oman Monday 30/May/2016 22:48 PM
By: Times News Service
Trap, neuter and release only option to control stray animals in Oman

Muscat: Trap, neuter and Release (TNR) is the only solution to control and reduce the feral population of stray animals found in the streets of Muscat, says a member of Tiger by the Tail, a voluntary homeless animal welfare group that works to sterilise stray animals, rescues those that are sick, injured or abandoned, as well as find new homes for those it saves.
Tiger by the Tail was founded by Jaison Mathai, an Indian expat, to rescue stray animals in Muscat and create awareness among the public about the welfare
of animals.
“Our group, in association with the Capital Veterinary Clinic owned by Zakia Al Zakwani and headed by Dr Peter Nolosco, conducts Trap, Neuter and Release campaigns on stray animals on a regular basis,” Mathai told Times of Oman.
Found homes
According to Mathai, his group has neutered more than 10 cats and found homes for seven cats and two dogs in just 4 months of operating. Recently, they organised an event to educate the public about the problem of stray animals and the care to be taken when dealing with these animals.
They also launched a campaign to reduce the population of stray animals in Muscat.
Dr Ioana Pantazi, Nasra Ali, Nivya Cresto, Siami, Sarojani and Julie are the core members of
the group.
Speaking about finding homes for stay animals, Jaison said, “Finding a perfect home for these animals is a major issue.”
“Many people enjoy pets, but do not know about the responsibilities that come with owning pets,” he said.
“Many of them don’t know what certain breeds need, so they end up unhappy with their pets and give them away,” he added.