Clubhouse will soon let users link their Instagram and Twitter accounts

Technology Saturday 05/June/2021 16:23 PM
Clubhouse will soon let users link their Instagram and Twitter accounts

Washington [US]: Social media app Clubhouse will soon be resolving the one gripe that people have had with it, its annoying invite-only system. As per the latest beta version of the app, it will now be officially allowing users to add their Instagram and Twitter accounts to their profiles.

According to Mashable, the developers have also pushed out updates, making it easy to follow speakers and find out about upcoming events on a Club page. Additionally, developers have announced that the app will see a general release "sometime this summer," which suggests that users might be allowed to join the platform without the need for an invite.

As per the patch notes of the latest Android beta release, Clubhouse users can choose to link their Instagram and Twitter accounts to their Clubhouse profile, letting others "get to know you better, follow your other accounts, and DM you (if your IG/ Twitter settings allow for it)."

Those who have access to the Beta version can go to their profiles and tap 'Add Twitter' or 'Add Instagram' to add the account link.

Clubhouse's Android app will now also allow users to follow people and clubs directly from their Room. If a user is in a Room and they like the discussion or a certain speaker, they can quickly follow them by tapping the 'Follow button' in the Room at the bottom of the screen.

Users will also have easier access to more events that a particular Club is hosting. The notes detailed, "Just go to the Club page and you'll see all its upcoming events and be able to scroll through them if there's more than one." Taking a page from YouTube, there's also a bell icon to get notified when a specific event is due to begin.

In other related news, Clubhouse co-founders Paul Davison and Rohan Seth have confirmed that although the platform has a fairly small team strength as of now, the platform is committed to toeing the line when it comes to country regulations and norms.

The co-founders said this in response to a question about Clubhouse's plans to comply with the new Information Technology Rules, 2021.

As per Mashable, both the founders and core team members of Clubhouse held the company's first press conference on the platform where they took up a bunch of other questions too with regards to in-house moderation, compliance, and other features.