Oman International Hospital starts vaccinating companies against Covid

Roundup Wednesday 02/June/2021 14:02 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman International Hospital starts vaccinating companies against Covid
Jose' Alexandre Cunha - Chairman ,Oman International Hospital

One month after the soft opening, Oman International Hospital starts vaccinating Companies against Covid and offering the Premium Bronze Membership Card with unique discounts and services

In few weeks, the Hospital will be ready to start doing the covid-19 serological test.

One month from the soft opening, Oman International Hospital, the latest state-of-the-art hospital, located in Al Goubra, Muscat, will give 5.000 vaccines in 5 days. This is the kick-off for a process that will contribute to immunize the local and expat population in Oman. “Is with a sense of mission that we will embrace the task of vaccinating the maximum of people. As an health institution, is our role to battle this pandemic, giving back the safety to the people’s lives” – highlighted Dr. José Alexandre Cunha – Chairman of Al Afia Healthcare Development and Investment Company and President of the IGHS Group – the Hospital’s Operator.

To celebrate the soft opening, the Hospital is offering the OIH Bronze Card, that will bring special services and unique conditions to its users: “Access to telemedicine services of the IGHS Group; 10% discount on the price list, Free GP consultation during the Hospital’s 1st year and access with immediate discount to home consultations (10%) are just some of the benefits” pointed Dr. Alexandre Cunha. The Bronze Card is one of 3 cards that the Hospital is presenting to the market. “As a patient, you can start with the Bronze Card and be upgraded latter-on, according to the number of points that you are accumulating – just like the miles in a card of any airline. So you can go from the Bronze to the Silver and from the Silver to the Gold, and the benefits and discounts will also increase”. When questioned about what he thinks is the major differentiating factor from the Bronze to the Silver, Dr. Alexandre Cunha rapidly replied that it is the access with special conditions to the Globalcare international network of Hospitals, namely in Europe and America. “We will be doing a promotion in Oman Avenues Mall, starting from next week that will present our cards, and let them reachable to whoever wants to acquire them”, he informed.

Another initiative that the Hospital will be dynamising very soon is the Covid-19 drive-tru, where anyone will be able to do a covid antigen test in the comfort and safety of its car. “The next weeks will be challenging but also rewarding and full of add-ons to the Omani Healthcare Market. The Covid-19 drive-tru is another tool used to help the people understand if they are immune to Covid and if they can gather in safety”. “We are proud to play our part in contributing to the country’s healthcare sector, in line with the objectives of the Omani government to develop integrated medical services and medical training. With the government encouraging the private healthcare sector, we look forward to being recognised as the go-to private hospital in the capital,” Dr. José Alexandre Cunha added.

Oman International Hospital was established with the objective of creating unique conditions for the implementation of clinical and research activity in Oman. With an investment of OMR/USD 20 million, it hosts health professionals in various specialisations and has different clinical partner entities offering the best medical and diagnostic services, keeping in mind a patient’s well-being and comfort.