Challenge yourself and work hard: Hong Kong climber who claims world record for fastest ascent of Everest

World Tuesday 01/June/2021 07:34 AM
By: Times News Service
Challenge yourself and work hard: Hong Kong climber who claims world record for fastest ascent of Everest
Tsang Yin-Hung, a former teacher from Hong Kong.

Kathmandu : Tsang Yin-Hung, a former teacher from Hong Kong, became the fastest woman to scale Mount Everest with a time of just under 26 hours.

In an interview with ANI after arriving back safe from Everest and setting a record, Tsang also known as Ada, said she succeeded in her mission by challenging herself and working hard on it. "For my first time (expedition), it's definitely was for my students. I just want to show my students that if you get a really high and hard target, if you try to train step by step and yes of course there are lots of challenges and difficulties whenever you want to do something you have to just persist and never give up. Finally, you can achieve it," Tsang Yin-Hung aka Ada said.

Former teacher, Yin-hung recorded the world's fastest ascent of Everest by a woman after she scaled the mountain within a time of 25 hours and 50 minutes earlier this month.

Usually, the climbers spend several days in different camps before reaching the peak.

While attempting the record speed climbing summit attempt, the Hong Kong climber had to make two brief stops owing to the bad weather and the exhaustion.

"My first summit push was on 11th and 12th and of course we failed at that time. We had reached 8,500 (meters) balcony and then the heavy snow and a very strong wind started, I knew that the weather forecast had said that the weather would be really good so I thought it is an only a short time, so we just keep moving up but after two hours we reach South Summit, I knew it was impossible, I told myself inside my heart though I could see the top," Ada said.

Ada along with her Sherpas stood atop Mount Everest on May 23, halting her previous attempts to summit. She again started off from Everest Base Camp and stood atop the world's highest peak in less than 26 hours' time.

"Just to keep moving and do whatever you love and it is challenging for you," Ada concluded.

With the successful summit of Everest, the 44-year-old former teacher has smashed the record of 39 hours and 6 minutes set in 2017 by Nepali woman PhunjoJhangmu Lama.

Back in 2017, Tsang was the first Hong Kong woman to reach the top and it's her third attempt at scaling the Himalayan peak.