Shura Council Concludes Meeting with Minister of Education

Business Monday 30/May/2016 17:47 PM
By: Times News Service
Shura Council Concludes Meeting with Minister of Education

Al Shura Council concluded their meeting with HE Dr. Madiha Al Shaibani, Minister of Education, where several discussions took place covering the quality of teaching and the ministry's education policy.
Discussions about the level of school education in the Sultanate and international competitions took place as well as human resources and services offered to support the education process.
Shura members focused their queries on where the teaching graduates fit in the labor market and the philosophy and strategy of the ministry.
Al Shaibani responded by saying that the multipath of teachers is a challenge that the Sultanate’s education is facing as well as other educational systems.
Shura members also voiced their concern on the lack of teaching some materials and the complications some female teachers have when assigned outside of their local areas. One of the members suggested implementing a hotline to make contact easier.
Al Shaibani responded by saying that the ministry is striving to provide dorms for the teachers as well as supervise the area in addition to providing the essential facilities.
Al Shaibani also responded to queries about investing in private schools by ensuring that the ministry of education is in contact with the ministry of housing about the issue.
Some members suggested that the Arabic teacher should speak in the proper Arabic dialect (Quranic Arabic) and that there should be solutions for those who have difficulty reading.
Some Shura members also suggested installing surveillance cameras in schools, and to add a third semester to the academic year instead of two.

They also called for regarding the studying hours during exam periods, and to have indicators to measure the performance of each school.

During the meeting, some members called upon finding a suitable environment for both teachers and students.

They also asked the minister to reveal her ministry’s plan for the coming four years, while requesting to involve teachers in drafting this plan.
Addressing the members, the minister explained that some promotions in the education sector have been delayed due to the recent economic situation.

The members also discussed some behavioral issues in Oman schools which include spread of tobacco and frequent absences from school.