Low clouds expected in some parts of Oman

Oman Saturday 29/May/2021 10:43 AM
By: Times News Service
Low clouds expected in some parts of Oman

Muscat: There are low clouds spread over the coasts of the Arabian Sea and parts of the deserts of south Al Sharqiyah and Al Wusta governorates.

Oman Meteorology said in the weather forecast for Saturday: "The weather is clear to partly cloudy on the coastal strip of the Dhofar Governorate and the adjacent mountains. It is generally clear over the rest of the Sultanate’s governorates, with opportunities for low clouds to form at the end of the night and early morning on parts of the coast of the Arabian Sea."

The maximum and minimum temperatures in the Wilayat of Seeb are 41 degree Celsius and 31 degrees, and in the Wilayat of Salalah 33 degrees and 27 degrees. The highest temperature expected today is 47 degrees in Haima and Fahud, the lowest being 18 degrees in Jabal Shams.