South Korean envoy thanks Oman for anti-piracy assistance

Energy Sunday 29/January/2017 22:29 PM
By: Times News Service
South Korean envoy thanks Oman for anti-piracy assistance

Muscat: South Korean Ambassador to Oman thanked the Government of Oman for its assistingthe Korean Navy's efforts to combat piracy in the region.
A reception was held on board the Korean naval vessel Munmu the Great, Doho Kang, in honour of the visit of the Republic of Korea’s Cheonghae Unit, a special naval force that was set up in 2009 to counter attacks from pirates in the Gulf of Aden.
“I express my heartfelt thanks to the Omani government for its continuous support and hospitality to the Cheonghae Unit, which helped it to successfully carry out its mission,” he said.
“The visit is remarkable, as the two countries share a symbolic maritime history,” he added. “The Port of Muscat, where Omani adventurers started their long journey to North East Asia and to Korea, has been one of the major trading centres of the world.
“Now, due to the government diversification policy, it is regaining its legacy as a tourist port in the Middle East and beyond,” Kang remarked. “We also wish His Majesty good health and the Omani people everlasting peace, progress and prosperity.”
The Korean Navy is part of Task Force 151, which was established in 2009 under a resolution passed by the United Nations Security Council to counter the growing threats of piracy to cargo ships in the Gulf of Aden, one of the world’s busiest shipping routes.
Having previously served as part of this force in 2009 and 2011, Munmu the Great is now headed home after its latest stint, which began in 2016, and will hand over her duties to another warship, ROKS Choi Yung.
Also present on board was Captain Kim Ki Hwan, the Commander of the ship, who echoed the sentiments of his ambassador.
“I am pleased to address all of you today, as this marks 44 years of friendship between the Republic of Korea and Oman,” he noted. “This friendship was made possible by the generous amount of support from the Omani government.
The guest of honour for the event was Mohammed bin Yousef Al Zarafi, Undersecretary for Administration and Finance Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Also present was Commander Ahmed Al Busaidi of the Royal Oman Navy, long with military officers and diplomatic officials.