50% of COVID-19 patients are below 50-years

Oman Monday 17/May/2021 21:41 PM
By: Times News Service
50% of COVID-19 patients are below 50-years
Muscat: Half of the inpatients at the Covid-19 field hospital are under 50 years old.
According to Oman Tv, the occupancy rate of beds in the COVID-19 field hospital has reached 80 per cent and half of the inpatients are under 50 years old."

 Hussein bin Ali Al Zaidi, Infected with Coronavirus said in an interview with Oman TV: " I think that corona was just a rumor until I infected with it and suffered from it."
"Now I lost sitting with my family and friends and I lost a lot of things because I sit in the hospital to receive the necessary treatment," He added.